Is Milk Chocolate Good For Dogs?

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White chocolate contains the fewest toxic compounds, followed by milk chocolate, which contains a moderate amount, and dark or bittersweet chocolate, which contains the most. Both cats and dogs are susceptible to chocolate poisoning. Dogs, on the other hand, eat almost anything, so there are more cases of dogs being affected. Chocolate toxicity is far … Read more

Is Honey Bad For Dogs?

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Because raw honey isn’t processed or heated like store-bought honey, this is something you’ll only notice with it. This is significant because heating honey, which is common when processing honey to make it look ‘perfect’, can destroy pollen and other natural components. If your dog has diabetes, it’s probably best to consult your veterinarian first … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

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We can assume that including bell peppers in a dog’s diet will provide them with more Vitamin K, which will benefit their bones, even though there is no research to back this up. Bell peppers contain a lot of fiber, which helps with digestion. Bell peppers are high in fiber, as are most other vegetables. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Canines that eat cat food are more likely to be overweight and have gastrointestinal problems because they eat the richer cat food. Feeding cat food to dogs, whether for a short or long period of time, can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and potentially fatal pancreatitis. Kitten food is even less suitable for dogs because it is … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Black Beans?

Yes, dogs can consume beans of any kind, not just black beans. In fact, your four-legged friend is likely to enjoy a wide range of delicious beans. Among the many types of beans available, pinto beans, kidney beans, and black beans are excellent sources of plant-based proteins for dogs. What Are the Health Benefits of … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Apple Fritters

I just wanted to let you know how delicious this Apple Fritter Bread is! It tastes exactly like the apple fritters my father used to get from a local bakery before I had to go gluten-free. I had to wait for the King Arthur flour to be shipped to Canada from the US (because, well, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Canned Asparagus?

Feeding asparagus to your dog is not a problem. It’s perfectly safe to feed canned asparagus to dogs. It’s not a good idea to give it to your dog in large amounts because it causes odor in the urine. Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually preferred, but if you don’t have any other options, canned … Read more