Are Appenzeller Sennenhundes Hypoallergenic

What does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Do Appenzeller Sennenhundes shed?

The Appenzeller Sennenhunde is a very old breed but we are just beginning to learn about them in North America. They are lively, enthusiastic, determined, atheltic dogs. People who are familiar with them love the breed but at the moment they are very rare in the United States and Canada. If you decide that you would like to know more about the Appenzeller, we encourage you to contact a breeder and arrange to meet their dogs. We hope this breed becomes established in the United States.

Do Appenzeller Sennenhundes Cause Allergies?

Any dog suffering from skin problems or food allergies may benefit from Wild Calling’s Xotic Essentials recipes. Formulas like their rabbit meal recipe use exotic meats that are rare in today’s pet food market so your dog probably hasn’t eaten them before – and has less chance of having an allergic reaction. The foods are also highly digestible. Wild Calling also uses what they call LITe (limited ingredient technology). They don’t use any of the ingredients commonly found in most dog foods such as chicken, grain, gluten, egg, yeast, corn, wheat or soy. If your Appenzeller Sennenhunde has a food allergy, he may benefit from Wild Calling. The foods are formulated for rotational feeding and they offer several Xotic Essentials recipes, such as kangaroo and bison, so your dog doesn’t get over-exposed to one kind of meat protein. This is an All Life Stage food. We think that dogs with skin problems and food allergies can definitely benefit from these recipes.


Many people recommend Wellness Simple for dogs with food sensitivities. The formulas feature only five main ingredients to keep things very simple for your Appenzeller Sennenhunde. Wellness makes formulas that are both grain free and some that have grains such as oatmeal. The food is easy to digest and contains probiotics and prebiotics to help the gastrointestinal system. It also contains omega fatty acids for good skin and coat. Formulas feature duck, salmon, turkey, and lamb. Wellness Simple comes in dry and canned formulas.

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