Are Cavapoos Good Guard Dogs?

They are intelligent and love to be the center of attention, whether that be playing fetch or cuddling on your lap. Don’t expect the Cavapoo to be a guard dog, because they like people and are friendly toward everyone.

Cavapoos as Watch Dogs?

If you love playful pups, you will absolutely fall in love with this breed! Daily walks with loved ones and some patience when it comes to training is all they really need to succeed. Cavoodles can be a little tricky to train since they have a hard time seeing anyone as their alpha. In their eyes, everyone is equal, and they prefer it that way. However, with kind words, rewards, and a firm resolve, obedience training should not be a big issue. With their brains and laid-back attitude towards most everything, a little encouragement and guidance will go a long way with them. Cavapoos will bark at strangers and visitors. However, they are wonderful guard dogs because of their alert sense of the people around them, and will definitely let you know if anyone is dropping by.

Are Cavapoos Aggressive?

For Cavoodles, a daily walk is a favorite pastime of theirs. This breed loves to get out and explore, while getting some exercise with their human family. So, they need to play and get moderate amounts of exercise to be fully satisfied. Although Cavapoos enjoy being active, they are not hyperactive! Due to their smaller size, they do not require a lot of room to move around in. Cavoodles prefer people to other animals, but do not generally act aggressively towards other pets and creatures. So, with that being said, a dog park where they can run, explore, and socialize is a really great idea for this breed.

Cavapoos Background

My Cavapoo puppy is so cute; I am glad that I brought her home. While I have never had a dog before, I am learning a lot about her and her mixed-breed background.  
One thing that I do not. . .

Family and Bonding

The Cavapoo is a playful breed and loves participating in interactive games and canine sports.


It would be hard to find a breed with a gentler temperament both parent breeds are outgoing and friendly and both thrive on human companionship. The Cavapoo temperament allows them to get on well with children but due to being small in stature especially when a puppy is recommended for families with older children, as smaller children can be a bit rough.

Cavapoo Nature

Are Cavapoos good family dogs? Absolutely! Their happy-go-lucky dog attitude, playful nature, and love for spending time with their owners are just a few traits that make them great family dogs. The Cavapoo is a smaller breed, which makes it easier to have in families with small kids as well.


Probably the most important note about the Cavapoo breed is that they are incredibly susceptible
to separation anxiety. This is
very typical for all dog breeds that are both highly intelligent and very social. Basically, every time you want to
leave your Cavapoo home alone for more than a couple of hours you risk your dog getting anxious, stressed
out, outright depressed, to start developing disobedient
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Cavapoos as a Pack Animal

A Cavapoo usually eats small amounts at a time so you’d need this small amount to pack all possible nutrition.

Physical Traits

We are often asked if there are more health problems with teacup or micro Cavapoos, because of the father being a mini or toy poodle. Mini and teacup Cavapoos are generally actually healthier! What most people don’t know is that all small and toy breeds originally were bred down in size from larger dogs. Teacup Cavapoo puppies actually have fewer health problems and typically live longer. The smaller Cavapoos, like the teacup Cavapoo, have fewer health problems because they share less of the same bad genetic traits.   In fact, that’s true about most dogs; smaller dogs generally live longer than larger dogs.

Excercising your Cavapoo

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