Are Chugs Good Guard Dogs?

Like their Chihuahua parent, the Chug can sometimes get attached to one particular human member of the family. They may become territorial and guard this person if they feel threatened. Fortunately, there are ways to curb resource guarding and this type of behavior in general.

Chugs as Watch Dogs?

Both the Pug and the Chihuahua are somewhat prone to barking or being “yappy,” which means that your Chug can be, too. If you are looking for a watch dog who will alert you any time someone is at the door, you can’t do better than a Chug! With proper training, your Chug can learn how to curb their yappy tendencies.

Are Chugs Aggressive?

Chug puppies can inherit a mix of both positive and negative traits from their parent dog breeds. While the Chihuahua is known to be spunky yet loyal, the Pug is famous for being a goofy, playful pup. Your new Chug’s personality can be a mix of any or all of these traits. Some Chug owners rave that their dog is cuddly and relaxed while others report that their Chug has a comedic Napoleon Complex and can get a tad aggressive around strangers.

Chugs Background

Family and Bonding

Since they are short-haired dogs, Chugs do not like cold, wintery weather and love being dressed in a coat or sweater for wintertime walks.


It’s always best to start socializing your Chug from a young age so that he is friendly with all of the pets in the household. Take him to the dog park or walks throughout your neighborhood to get him acclimated to other dogs and people.

Chug Nature

Those crossings now are documented and will be on display at the Key West Botanical Garden & Tropical Forest starting Feb. 1. The “Chugs of Cuba” display includes a few of the actual boats used by Cubans during the crossings. Many were salvaged by local tow company owner Ricky Arnold, who has worked with Bruce and the garden to display the primitive vessels next to the garden’s nature chapel.


Chugs are smart dogs and they learn quickly. However, they are also quite stubborn and are usually determined to have it their own way, which can make training difficult. To succeed in training a Chug, one should start as early as possible (eight weeks), keeping training sessions regular, short and fun.


Chugs as a Pack Animal

Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari pumped up Milwaukee Bucks fans by chugging beer at Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Physical Traits

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Excercising your Chug

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