Are Corgi Inus Good Guard Dogs?

This crossbreed mix puppy could become an excellent family pet, especially if socialized and prepared with other pups. The combination will lead to small dogs, typically with a foxy look and long body. This breed of mixed dogs is suitable as family dogs and watchdogs. Corgi Inus puppy is easy to train as it comes from its Shiba Inu parent qualities known to be remarkable watchdogs. Further, Shiba Inus are watchful to their surroundings and are initially bred to become guard dogs. Meanwhile, Corgis were intended to be a herding dog. Hence, their attentiveness to their situation is taken very seriously.

Corgi Inus as Watch Dogs?

Despite the moderate size, the Corgi Inu are highly active dogs who show a high level of intelligence. They make good guard dogs owing to the traits of the Shiba Inu and can sound the alarm when an intruder enters your home.

Are Corgi Inus Aggressive?

If they don’t get enough exercise, Corgi Inus tend to get overweight and such condition might lead to more complications with their health. Additionally, they might develop behavioral problems and even become aggressive if they get bored or anxious due to lack of proper exercise. Any kind of vigorous activity like hunting, swimming, hiking, frisbee playing, and agility competitions are recommended for them.

Corgi Inus Background

The Corgi Shiba Inu mix has a thick, smooth, and silky double coat that makes them well suited for places with cold climates. Their coat comes in a wide variety of colors, such as ginger orange, sable brown, black, golden, or deep red. Usually, the Corgi Inu will have one of these colors against a white background.

Family and Bonding

Corgi Inus are also affectionate and loyal to the humans it is familiar with. This hybrid dog enjoys to be with people and even gets along with other house pet like cats. All that should be done is proper training and socialization. Make sure to give it the affection and love it deserves, and it will be sure to reward you with loyalty, playfulness, and love.


You will find the temperament of a Corgi Inu to be friendly, easy-going, playful, and energetic. A Shiba Inu Corgi mix is considered to be a fairly intelligent breed that can be trained effortlessly (yay!).

Corgi Inu Nature

Also, take note that a Corgi Inus’ affectionate nature could even win you head over heels. The Shiba inu corgi mix is the perfect way to go, especially if you seek a well-mannered yet independent dog.


This article will give you more information on this specific hybrid cross and help you decide if Corgi Inu is right for you. Additionally, you will learn about the controversy behind designer dog breeds that will make you better informed about your future choices.


Corgi Inus as a Pack Animal

Shiba Corgis are naturally intelligent dogs and are relatively easy to train since their parent purebreds are usually prepared to become watchdogs. This breed is said to get along well with cats but not so much with strangers, brought about by their loyal and protective nature. Corgi Inus must undergo early training on obedience and socialization if being adopted into a domestic setting.

Physical Traits

The Corgi Inu is a short dog with pointed and upright ears, making it seem fox-like. Aside from its short height, its body is quite lengthy. Its eyes can range from brown to a slightly darker shade of the same cover. Their nuzzle remains black and is sort of pointed.

Excercising your Corgi Inu

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