Are Doxles Hypoallergenic

What does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Do Doxles shed?

She was housetrained when I adopted her. She calmestablished from Oklahoma City, and AHS listed here as a Retriever mix (say what???!).

Are Doxles good apartment dogs?

I have a one. Her name is Ellie. Got her when ahe was 4 weeks old. Shes now 2 1/2. She loves to “fight” with Daddy. Chase our kids all over the house and “fight” gently with them. She loves her toys and loves to go out for hours and hunt. When we leave and come back she gets so excited to see us. At night she sleeps with my kids. She loves to cuddle.

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How to prevent allergies

Groom your Doxle

Two or three times a year, your Doxle’s coat needs to be hand-stripped or pulled out by the root so a new coat of fur can grow. The process is painless for your dog once its old coat is ready to go. You can strip off the hair on your own using grooming tools or leave the job to your local groomer.


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First, you need to take your Doxle to the vet to dismiss any medical causes for his urine-marking behavior. If he is healthy, follow these tips so that he does not start marking his territory. • Spay or neuter your pet as early as possible since it may reduce or stop his urine-marking behavior altogether. However, if he has been doing it for a long time, neutering or spaying lone may not solve the issue. • Thoroughly clean the soiled areas using a cleaner designed to remove pet urine odors and stains. • Try to alter the significance of the previously soiled areas to your Doxle. Give him treats, feed, and play with him in the places where he has marked. • Watch him when he is indoors and look for signs that he is about to urinate. When he starts urinating, interrupt him with a loud sound and take him outside. If he pees outside, give him a treat and praise him.

Designate Dog-Free Zones


Most Doxle dogs have short, smooth coats, though a Dachshund with long hair may make Dachshund Beagle Mix puppies that have long-haired coats. Coat colors greatly vary among white, brown, black, and black and tan.

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