Are Golden Cocker Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

The Golden Cocker Retriever is a mixed breed dog combining a Golden Retriever and a Cocker Spaniel or any mix out of that. Like all hybrid dogs, size, color, temperament and overall appearances can not be guaranteed even among litter mates. These dogs are generally fun loving and good with children and other pets alike. Not a good guard dog, these dogs are often friendly with all visitors. This combination of breeds is also referred to as the Cogol or Dakota Sport Retriever.

Golden Cocker Retrievers as Watch Dogs?

The Golden Cocker Retrievers are cheerful, sweet, gentle and friendly dogs. They are good with all the family and specially children. They are gentle and patient with children and make very good playmates. They love human companionship and love to spend time with them. They have a gentle disposition and can socialize with strangers easily. This makes them unsuitable as guard dogs but they are very alert and attentive to their surroundings which makes them good watchdogs. These hybrids make very good family pets.

Are Golden Cocker Retrievers Aggressive?

Golden Cocker retrievers are generally known to be calm and friendly. They are not known to be aggressive since both the parents have a mild temperament. This makes them safe around the kids.

Golden Cocker Retrievers Background

The Golden Cocker Retriever is a loyal and loving dog and is the perfect companion. They have a natural playful instinct that makes them fun to be around, and they love to chase and run around. Both parents have a sporting background which means your Retriever will love to be outside playing with you.

Family and Bonding

The Golden Cocker Retriever has two of the most popular dog breeds as it’s parents and this makes for a friendly, loving and sociable family dog. Perfect for first time pet owners, the Golden Cocker Retriever is an active and intelligent dog, with both parents belonging to the sporting dog group classification. They are also known for being loyal and they love to play outside, too.


Breed Characteristics: 
Golden Cocker Retrievers generally are friendly
towards all people with proper socialization at a young age.

Golden Cocker Retriever Nature

Affectionate, sweet, and social, the Golden Cocker Retriever is a hybrid breed developed from the Golden Retriever and the Cocker Spaniel. This breed has a high energy level which allows him to run around freely and never become tired. He is ready for adventure at all times. This docile but energetic canine is a perfect fit for families due to his sensitive nature. Weighing an average of 30 to 45 pounds and standing between 20 to 24 inches tall, his coat is medium length, and can be fine in texture. Some maintenance is required to keep his coat shiny and tangle free.


These intelligent dogs would not be difficult to train provided they have a firm master to handle them well.


Golden Cocker Retrievers as a Pack Animal

The Golden Cocker Retriever is a hybrid breed that is a combination of the Golden Retriever and the Cocker Spaniel. This creates a very lively, active and friendly canine that loves to spend time with their pack. Unfortunately, the origin of this adorable hybrid canine is not known. However, it is likely to have become popular in the last 20 years just like a variety of designer dogs have.

Physical Traits

For owners who really want a teacup-sized Golden Cocker Retriever, there are some toy ones on the market.

Excercising your Golden Cocker Retriever

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