Are Golden Shepherds Good Guard Dogs?

Golden Shepherds are very protective. They are cautious about their owners and make sure to guard the house against unwanted strangers. They are also very loyal to their owners and do not like to be left alone.

Golden Shepherds as Watch Dogs?

Being a mixed breed and carrying qualities of both the species, the Golden Shepherd is quite much used to work as military dogs, police dogs, or guard dogs. Golden Shepherds like to be involved with some of the other work, big or small.

Are Golden Shepherds Aggressive?

I own a golden shepherd pup who is about a year old. He is too aggressive to be around people he doesn’t know, any tips I could use to get him more comfortable with being around people? I’m not sure if it was something that happens to him in the past because I adopted him from a shelter.

Golden Shepherds Background

We advise Golden Shepherd owners to conduct background checks on the the parent species to learn the nature of their traits and better understand the crossbreeds’ needs.

Family and Bonding

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Golden Shepherds are extremely loyal, people-oriented, and friendly dogs that need to feel like they are truly a part of your family. So, don’t be surprised if your mix doesn’t cope well with being left at home alone.

Golden Shepherd Nature

Be prepared to spend 60 to 120 minutes every day exercising your dog, otherwise, he will easily become bored and resort to destructive chewing or find other ways to demolish your property. Due to their energetic nature, Golden Shepherds thrive in homes with big yards and plenty of space to roam around. They can live in apartments too, but be prepared for long daily walks.


While there’s no guarantee how any mixed breed will turn out as they age compared to purebreds, the Golden Shepherd makes a great family pet. Let’s continue on so you can learn more about the history of the parent breeds, as well as what to expect when adopting this mix.


Golden Shepherds as a Pack Animal

The Golden Shepherd puppy is a mix breed dog with Golden Retriever and German Shepherd influencing its look and personality.  The Golden Retriever is a sweet dog, very kind and gentle, and the German Shepherd puppy is fearless and protective.

Physical Traits

The Golden Shepherd inherits attributes from both breeds, including the loyal and friendly personality, the muscular, athletic body, and the dense coat of medium to long fur. This coat can be rough like a German Shepherd or soft and smooth like the Golden Retriever. Despite the name of this hybrid, it actually comes in several colors, including black, white, gold, cream, blue, gray, tan, and sable.

Excercising your Golden Shepherd

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