Are Great Pyreneess Good Guard Dogs?

They are likely descents of guardian dogs that were in Asia Minor around 10,000 b. c. Around the year 3,000 b. c, nomadic shepherds went to the Pyrenees mountains and brought their guarding dogs with them. This was likely the beginning of the Great Pyrenees breed.

Great Pyreneess as Watch Dogs?

In fact, this mixed breed is a cross of two dog breeds which are loyal to human families. The Golden Retriever is trusted by hunting families in America when it comes to retrieving shot game without any damage. The Great Pyrenees has been a guard dog that protected sheep from wolves in France. In fact, Louis XIV named this dog the national dog of France and the French nobility during the 17th century. In WWII, the Great Pyrenees were messenger dogs used by French soldiers to deliver documents. Indeed, the Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees have been loyal not just to families now but to kingdoms and entire regiments of the army during wars in history.

Are Great Pyreneess Aggressive?

Great Pyrenees may act like a guardian for a child. They can become quite protective. You will want to make sure your dog is properly trained and socialized to prevent them from acting too aggressively toward strangers.

Great Pyreneess Background

The Great Pyrenees’ temperament exudes patience and affection. Aggression and biting aren’t hallmarks of the breed (even though they do have a powerful bite force). Instead, a Great Pyrenees dog is generally very friendly and well-suited to family life. Letting your Great Pyrenees play with kids is more than acceptable as long as the children aren’t too rough and rowdy. And as a former livestock guardian, a Pyr has a background of close contact with various farm animals, which means raising a Great Pyrenees with other dogs and even cats in the home is quite possible.

Family and Bonding

Great Pyrenees are very large white dogs. Since they were bred to watch over flocks of sheep, they can be quite protective of their family members. When strangers aren’t around, these dogs can be very affectionate and playful with the people they love. They have a calm and patient temperament and can make a great family dog. Because of their large size, it is important to make sure these dogs have plenty of space to run and play.


Great Pyrenees crossed with Golden Retriever dogs are devoted to the family that takes care of them. In fact, a large dog is friendly with people as it is friendly with other pets. As long as you have trained the dog since it was still a puppy, then you don’t expect any problem with how it should treat people. As a fun-loving member of the household, the Golden Retriever Great Pyrenees Mix treats each of the family members with respect and obedience.

Great Pyrenees Nature

The Great Pyrenees Crossed With Golden Retriever is a dog with a dominant character. Thus, it does not particularly respond to weak-willed or weak-voiced owners. Training this dog may take time as it is difficult to challenge its naturally dominant nature. The Golden Pyrenees dog is a great watchdog and can protect the human family that owns it. However, in order for him to do this, a firm and calm owner must treat him.


Great Pyrenees have a very affectionate and patient personality. They are also very calm and intelligent. These traits make the Great Pyrenees a great family dog. They can exhibit playful behaviors, making them a good companion for a child. These dogs will do best with young children when they are socialized from an early age and have opportunities to interact with children.


Great Pyreneess as a Pack Animal

While Great Pyrenees can be protective of their family which can make them aggressive, they will rarely bite someone. However, you will want to make sure your Great Pyrenees is properly trained and socialized from an early age to reduce their aggression and decrease the chances that they will bite or hurt someone.

Physical Traits

As with other dog breeds, it is always important to closely supervise children when they are around a Great Pyrenees. This will avoid accidental injury. Toddlers and babies should be very closely supervised due to the large size of a Great Pyrenees.

Excercising your Great Pyrenees

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