Are Hokkaidos Hypoallergenic

The Hokkaido dog puppy may cost around $500. The Hokkaido dog doesn't require too much grooming. It has a double coat, with a soft undercoat and thick straight dense overcoat. They are not hypoallergenic. You must check their ear regularly and clip their nails. Their fur coats need brushing regularly to prevent matting and excessive shedding. They have to be brushed at least twice a week. They do not require regular baths as they are known to be extremely clean dogs who do not smell. They shed their winter coats at the onset of summer. Once they are properly socialized, they are extremely devoted to their human families and are good with children.

What does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Do Hokkaidos shed?

Wanting to own a Hokkaido Dog and need to know how bad is Hokkaido Dog shedding level and how hard it is to control the shedding of Hokkaido Dogs?

According to dog experts, Hokkaido Dogs score out of 5 in the scale of breeds that are considered the less shedding dog breeds.

Are Hokkaidos good apartment dogs?

Hokkaido is intelligent and easy to train and discipline, with early socialization they can be a good companion with other animals in the house. They can be a good playmate with children too as long as you teach the children how to handle properly the dogs for the safety of the dogs and the children themselves.

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The Hokkaido has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years and although generally healthy, this dog is prone to some health conditions. 1/3 of all Hokkaido dogs are affected by Collie eye anomaly, while 2/3 are carriers. Collie eye anomaly is a genetic disorder that can result in blindness. Fortunately, Collie eye anomaly can be easily diagnosed in puppies by the age of 6-7 weeks. So, before buying a Hokkaido dog, check with the breeder, and make sure that the puppies are examined on this disease. Some other conditions these dogs are prone to are: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patella (also known as the trick knee), heart murmurs, cryptorchidism (the absence of one or both testicles from the scrotum), some forms of allergies, etc.

How to prevent allergies

Groom your Hokkaido

Hokkaido can come in many different colors including white, red, black, brindle, sesame, and wolf grey. They have a double coat with an outer coat made of protective, coarse guard hairs and a fine, dense undercoat that sheds seasonally. When they're actively shedding, they need to be brushed daily.


Generally, Hokkaido are fairly simple to groom. You never have to trim or shave their fur because it can actually damage their coat and will not keep them cooler in warmer weather. The natural oils in their skin and coat helps keep them clean, so you'll only need to bathe them every few months.

Designate Dog-Free Zones


This is the national dog of Japan that originated in Hokkaido, in 1140 AD. These pooches are also known by the names of Ainu-ken, Seta, and Ainu dog. They resemble wolves a lot because of their well-built body and a long, thick coat of fur. Despite being a strong-minded hunter, rescuer, and watchdog, a Hokkaido possesses all the attributes of an obedient family companion.

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