Are Kooikerhondjes Hypoallergenic

The Kooikerhondje is a small, flashy sporting dog that looks like a cross between a spaniel and a spaniel mix. Originally bred in the Netherlands as a duck decoy dog, the Eendenkooi’s massively white plumed tail waves in a playful manner to allure and draw ducks into Eendenkooi’s enclosure (elaborate manmade pond trapping systems).

Are Kooikerhondjes Hypoallergenic? No, Kooikerhondjes are not Hypoallergenic.  They do not get along with allergy sufferers since they cause an allergic reaction in them. Some dog breeds are even thought to be more likely than others to cause an allergic reaction in some people. Because most people are allergic to dander (flakes on the dog's skin) or saliva rather than real dog hair, the coat type is not often important.

Do Kooikerhondjes shed?

It requires brushing once or twice a week throughout the year because it sheds regularly throughout the year; however, brushing becomes more frequent during the spring and autumn when it sheds more. Taking care of a Kooikerhondje’s coat is generally straightforward because it does not require any specific grooming techniques.

Are Kooikerhondjes good apartment dogs?

Cheerful, good natured, friendly, quiet, well-behaved, and alert; those are terms that are used to describe the Kooikerhondje. Depending on its domestic environment, it is kind, happy and lively. They are also intelligent, attentive and more than willing to please their owner. The Kooikerhondje adapts to situations rather quickly, changing his behavior from quiet to lively when the situation allows him to be. He will not always immediately like strangers, instead choosing to retreat. But once he warms up to someone, the trust will be there for the rest of his life. The Kooikerhondje can make a fine apartment dog if exercised regularly, but a fenced yard will be more ideal. He has a medium energy level, yet is usually quiet when indoors. Kooikerhondje can be reactive with strange dogs and are wary of boisterous children, in general.

Do Kooikerhondjes Cause Allergies?

Most of the comments are positive: Very good product; I recommend; Super fragrance; Ideal for my Nederlandse Kooikerhondje… Internet users particularly appreciate the pleasant perfume and the good smell duration of the product. Others say it is the perfect solution to switch between 2 showers and that they have not found any allergy problems.

How to prevent allergies

Groom your Kooikerhondje

Expect to brush your Kooikerhondje’s medium-length coat on a weekly basis. Brushing helps redistribute a dog’s natural oils and is a good way to get rid of unwanted hair, dirt and dandruff. All dog breeds benefit from being brushed, but the longer the coat, the more essential good grooming habits become. Kooikerhondjes require just an occasional bath, “as to not rid the breed from its natural protective oils,” says DiNardo.


First timer here looking for people’s experience and tips in selecting the dog breed. My BF and I want to get a dog probably within the next 3 months to year. I never grew up with dogs and always lived in an apt so I’m a little worried about getting a bigger dog and one with super high energy needs. That being said, I’m also a bit OCD with cleaning so I don’t want a dog that sheds a lot (aka I don’t want to find dog hair all over the furniture and my clothing when I’m at work). We came across cockapoos, mini goldendoodles, and kooikerhondjes (rare Dutch breed). Any info anyone has about the mini F1 goldendoodle would be super helpful (or other breeds I suppose). We love the look of more of the golden and figured we’d be guaranteed more of the temperament or look with the F1 vs F1b. Wondering if the dog will get too big though (ideally under 35 pounds would be ideal) and if it will shed a lot.


Kooikerhondje is a long-haired dog whose ears are completely covered with curly hair. The color is white-red, on the ears black edging. Representatives of the breed with a dense undercoat. The coat of the dog has water repellent properties, which is good in rainy weather. The tail hangs freely, usually in the shape of a sickle.

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