Are Labrastaffs Good Guard Dogs?

Usually, Labrastaff forms a strong and affectionate bond with children and impersonates as a guardian of your children. However, it will be best if you are careful not to leave your kids alone during their feeding time. The dogs don’t like to be amused while feeding.

Labrastaffs as Watch Dogs?

Labrastaff is a patient dog who will enjoy spending time with his humans. The
breed is very tolerant of small children, even when their ears are being tugged
or their tail pulled, and will even allow children to dress them up. They draw
the line when it comes to food and supervision should be provided when
children are around your dog while he is eating. Dogs of the breed do not
enjoy spending long periods of time outside by themselves and if bored and
lonely may get into trouble. Bright and loyal to his humans, the Labrastaff may take after the American
Staffordshire Terrier parent as well, who is sometimes known as a “nanny” dog due to his patience
with kids. Dogs of the breed may do well as guard dogs though early and consistent
training is necessary. A people pleaser, your hybrid will be calm and gentle around people but can be aggressive toward other dogs. Care should be taken upon introduction and socialization will be important.

Are Labrastaffs Aggressive?

While Labrastaffs are usually great around humans, they can become wary of other dogs. For that reason, it’s imperative that the breed is socialized and trained properly from day one. Aggressive tendencies might otherwise emerge.

Labrastaffs Background

Another tip while photographing dogs in general is to get down on their level, on ground level that is. If you are standing up and shooting your pictures downwards you might end up with a lot of lawn or floor in the picture. If you can get a bit dirty, try to lay down on your lawn and capture your Labrastaff with some sky, garden or trees in the background. That makes a better picture.

Family and Bonding

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In case you already have pets in your home, it is better to introduce your Labrastaff properly and set certain boundaries. You should also apply this while encountering dogs during your daily walks to the park or other areas. However, Labrastaff makes a super friendly and faithful companion for your children and family.

Labrastaff Nature

One most remarkable qualities of Labrastaff is its ability to tolerate. This is quite helpful when the dog is around children. Any children’s overenthusiastic tactics won’t cause aggression in the dog. As for their social nature, the dogs suffer from separation anxiety as they love to be around people.


A labrastaff breed is on a rise of popularity today. When the two most loving and popular dogs, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Labrador Retriever, breed together, what you get is intelligent, caring, and playful dog. Yes, a Labrastaff, also known as Staffy Labs or Staffadors.


Labrastaffs as a Pack Animal

We have a sweet Staffordshire t mix with lab. he’s so sweet to the hole fam. He is protective over my girls and he loves them so much. we got him from the pound when he was a pup and our dear sheltie sheep dog very loyal ,adopted that lab mix and when our poor sweet loyal sheltie died our lab mix did not eat he got to eating again but he’s all ways depressed.

Physical Traits

Labrastaff are very energetic dogs who require a highly nutritious diet similar to medium-sized dogs breed. Furthermore, the dietary requirements usually change as they grow from being a puppy to full-grown dogs. One important point to note, you should avoid overeating in any case that leads to excess weight gain and other related health issues.

Excercising your Labrastaff

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