Are Silky Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

The Silky Terrier originated in Australia in the late 1800’s from a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Terrier. They were initially bred for small vermin control but became companion pets because of their personality. Silky Terriers are very social and do not like to be ignored or excluded from family activities. They are typical terriers: proud, opinionated, and feisty. Silky Terriers make excellent watchdogs due to their attentive and protective nature. When off guard duty, the spunky Silky Terrier makes for a wonderfully cuddly companion. The Silky Terrier is a generally healthy breed with an average lifespan of 11-14 years.

Silky Terriers as Watch Dogs?

Today most Silky Terriers live in suburbs or cities, and no longer rely on hunting for their meals. Silky Terriers are now primarily desired for their warm companionship and adorable antics. Silky Terriers look a lot like Yorkshire Terriers, but are a bit larger. Silky Terriers are little dogs with huge self confidence. Silky Terriers make good watch dogs. They might not be as scary as a big dog, but they'll loyally alert you to intruders. Silky Terriers still love to run and be active. Ideally they'll find a home where they have lots of opportunities to play. Silky Terriers can be good with kids, but children should be around 10 years old and up. Nowadays most dog owners treat toy breeds like Silky Terriers as family members. They're kept sheltered and don't have to fend for themselves. The dietary needs of Silky Terriers vary depending on age and activity level. A young active pup may benefit from a different meal plan than an elderly dog who doesn't run much anymore. It's important to keep your Silky companion at a healthy weight to help them live longer and happier lives.

Are Silky Terriers Aggressive?

As with any breed, thorough training and proper socialization are essential for the silky terrier. They are often reserved around new people as well as new situations and socialization can help ward off problems of being overly territorial and aggressive. This breed is very intelligent and should respond well to training, but it may possess a stubborn side as well. Silky terriers will benefit from firm and consistent positive reinforcement training.

Silky Terriers Background

Family and Bonding

Though vigilant and quick to alert the presence of strangers, the Silky Terrier is much too small to be any source of protection. But you will love his enthusiasm and loyal nature.


The Silky Terrier is a small dog with a big personality. They are friendly and playful, and, despite their size, they have abundant energy and require a large amount of exercise.

Silky Terrier Nature

Silky terriers are known for their straight, glossy manes that can be kept long or short, depending on the owner's preference. Their coats are a stunning color combo; their faces a rich tan and their body and hindquarters a silvery shade of blue. While their signature hairdo may seem intimidating at a glance, the silky terrier's coat is actually easy to maintain with regular brushing.


Silky Terriers are quite intelligent, and learn very quickly.   This breed performs very well in obedience and agility competitions.   However, Silky Terriers provide a number of training difficulties.   As is the case with almost all terriers, this breed is often stubborn and deliberately willful.   Silky Terriers will often choose to disobey or break the rules, even though they know they are misbehaving.   A firm but gentle hand is necessary to train one of these dogs.   This breed is much more interested in pleasing itself than its owner and definitely responds best to training methods that emphasize positive reinforcement and treats.   If you are accustomed to training breeds such as German Shepherds or Poodles, working with a Silky Terrier will definitely frustrate you.   However, this breed is considerably less difficult than the average terrier and substantially more intelligent and capable than most toys, and owners who are familiar with other family or group members will likely be pleasantly surprised.


Silky Terriers as a Pack Animal

Though bossy, Silky Terriers are intelligent, and you can train them with proper guidance. You’ll also want to train them not to dig or chase, as these traits are inherent to the Silky Terrier’s personality.

Physical Traits

Silky terriers can be great dogs for the right kids. It is not recommended for children under 10 unless they are carefully supervised. Additionally, their small size may be a problem in some families.

Excercising your Silky Terrier

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