Are Spanish Mastiffs Hypoallergenic

Concerning their grooming, the Spanish Mastiff has a moderate level of upkeep. He isn’t hypoallergenic by any stretch of the imagination thanks to his double coat. This double coat will shed seasonally, which will cause issues around your home during these periods.

Do Spanish Mastiffs shed?

This noble giant is aloof, dignified, calm and intelligent. It is devoted to its family and may politely accept strangers if it has been socialized properly, although it will be wary of them. It can be aggressive toward other dogs. The Spanish Mastiff may be a less-than-ideal pet in urban situations, where its booming voice and massive size could be problematic. It is a wonderful protector of its home and family. And an ideal protector of herds and flocks from wolf predation. Socialization and training should begin early to ensure this dog a stable and reliable pet. Supervised exposure in puppy-hood to a variety of unfamiliar but non-threatening dogs will help dampen a tendency to aggression toward other dogs. The breed is quite alert and food motivated but can bore easily; training must be consistent and firm but gentle. Once the trainer has established the dog’s respect as leader, the Spanish Mastiff will be an extremely loyal pet.

Are Spanish Mastiffs good apartment dogs?

Spanish Mastiff does not typically fare well in a busy environment. It does best in an environment where it does not feel that it has to be on regular guards, such as the problem might be in a city or busy suburban area. It needs a balanced amount of exercise, such as a reasonably long walk every day and a yard to walk freely about.

Do Spanish Mastiffs Cause Allergies?

How to prevent allergies

Groom your Spanish Mastiff

As with all dogs, oral health is important. Spanish Mastiffs are not known to have dental issues, but you should still brush their teeth as recommended. Your veterinarian can instruct you on when and how to brush your dog’s teeth properly.


The Spanish Mastiff’s history dates back as far as the 10th century when these dogs were used to guard flocks of sheep and protect the shepherds who were herding them. The dogs’ coats helped protect them from the elements in Spain’s mountainous regions, and their fierce loyalty made them ideal guard dogs. They were so popular that images of them can even be seen in ancient Spanish art and literature.

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