Boxerdoodle vs Drentsche Patrijshond

What is a Boxerdoodle? A Boxerdoodle is a dog that is a mix of a Boxer and a Poodle. This hybrid is devoted to its owner in general. These dogs have a reputation for being protective, but not for barking excessively. They are generally well-behaved and simple to train. They’re usually gentle enough to live … Read more

Are Drentsche Patrijshonds Hypoallergenic

The Drentse Patrijshonds are Large sized dog breed with Avg. Weight Male: 60. 5 pounds (27 kg), Female: 58. 5 pounds (26. 5 kg), Avg. Height Male: 23–25 inches (58–63 cm), Female: 22–24 inches (55–60 cm). This breed coats come in a range of colours including Orange, White, Brown, Tricolor. with the outer coat. The … Read more