Are Akita Pits Good Guard Dogs?

Would the Akita Pit be suitable as a guard dog?

Akita Pits as Watch Dogs?

The original purpose of breeding the Akita Pit Bull was to make a hunting dog. This breeding purpose is evident through its eager, people pleasing personality and sensitivity to the moods of its master. It also serves as a good guard dog, utilizing the hunt dog instincts it was bred with.

Are Akita Pits Aggressive?

The Akita Pit Bull dog requires an owner with some experience owning and training dogs. Or at least, an owner with access to a professional trainer. Its stubborn and aggressive tendencies require experienced and firm handling, but with proper and consistent training, Akita Pit Bulls prove to be loving and caring companion dogs.

Akita Pits Background

The Akita Pit is a protective, intelligent, and loyal dog. These dogs inherit the best of traits from both their parents and have an adaptable nature. The Akita Pits are also known as Pit Akita or Akita Pit Bull. It’s loyalty, and people-pleasing nature makes this dog ideal for families with children and other pets. The Akita Pit is a friendly little canine that loves to obey the owner’s commands. This nature of the dog to make its owner happy makes it easy to train an Akita Pit. However, the Pitbull genes can make it slightly stubborn and may need consistent training. An Akita Pit mix puppy comes at a reasonable amount of $200 to $500. But, you need to contact a reliable breeder before you go ahead and purchase your pup. Make sure that the breeder readily allows you to interact with both parents of the puppy. More importantly, he should provide you with the documentation of all the necessary health checkups, and clearance examination conducted on both the puppy and the parents. Also, he should give you clear information about the health ailments that the pup has or may have in the future. Therefore, even after you find the desired Akita Pit puppy, make sure you run a background check not only on the puppy but also on the breeder to ensure safety.

Family and Bonding

As exciting as getting home, a new Four-Legged member can be, it is no secret that this task is as challenging as it can get. You need to be sure that the pup will get along with your children and other pets in the family. Here is an enthusiastic canine you might want to consider given its loyalty and ability to obey your commands. A cross between two famous canines, the Akita and the Pit Bull, is the Akita Pit. This loyal and people-friendly dog is a perfect match for those looking for an adorable dog that fairly adapts, is protective, and loves unconditionally. This complete guide will help you with all the essential information you need. From deciding that you want to bring an Akita Pit, to learning how to take care of it, you have it all here.


As long as an Akita Pit is appropriately trained, they rarely show any signs of aggression toward other animals. They often like to be the dominant dog in the home, and if the other dog has the same tendency, there will need to be a period where this needs to be worked out between them. Otherwise, because they are such friendly dogs, they typically appreciate having other animals around.

Akita Pit Nature

The Akita Pit is a canine that will protect and guard your family to death. They are intelligent and people-friendly. This attitude comes in them from their parent genes, and with consistent and early training, you will end up having a pup that is loyal, friendly, and always running around to please you. As independent as Akita Pit is, you need to be sure that it gets trained early. Such early training will prevent it from becoming overprotective of the family and will help in better socialization. As the Akita Pit is a confident and single-minded dog, it won’t take long for this attitude to turn into rigidness. Such a strong-willed and stubborn nature will pose problems for people who cannot train the dog well. Thus the early, formative years of the Akita Pit’s life are very crucial for the owners to draw a line to their pup’s stubbornness. The only way to make this happen is through consistent training. Such early training will ensure that your puppy gets along with children and other pets, and will lose its aggressive streak and will adopt a friendly and pleasing attitude. They are intelligent puppies and respond well to behavior training. They are quick to grasp new things and follow commands easily. But, as is the case with every dog, the trainer has to be patient. Try to repeat the orders until the dog learns how to respond. Such training will not only boost its people-pleasing personality but will also enhance its enthusiasm for being around its owners and family. The Akita Pits react well to positive reinforcement in training. The use of negative reinforcement and punishments can make the dog more aggressive and stubborn. What is important is that your puppy can sense your feelings very easily. It knows when you are frustrated and will thus be reluctant to take part in training if you are not calm and confident.


The Akita Pit Mix is very intelligent and easy to train. But just because they learn where to go potty and to sit or play dead doesn’t mean that the mailman is safe, or that friends stopping by won’t be viewed as a threat.


Akita Pits as a Pack Animal

In some ways, yes, and others no. Akita Pits can be very protective of their families. In that regard, yes, an intruder that decides to break in while everyone’s asleep would be in for a big surprise.

Physical Traits

The only difference between male and female Akita Pits is the size. This may not end up being a significant difference at all, only varying 2-10 pounds away from each other.

Excercising your Akita Pit

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