Are Shiloh Shepherds Good Guard Dogs?

Shiloh shepherds, like German shepherds, are easily trainable. They learn new commands quickly and love to be challenged with games and tasks. These intelligent dogs need a lot of mental stimulation, and therefore are perfect as working dogs. They are great for rescue and search, as guard dogs, assistive service, police work, and herding. Like all dogs, it's better to train them as puppies. Early socialization with other dogs is also recommended at an early age.

Shiloh Shepherds as Watch Dogs?

The Shiloh Shepherd’s protectiveness and alertness make them excellent guard dogs or watchdogs.

Are Shiloh Shepherds Aggressive?

As we’ve mentioned, Shiloh Shepherds were bred to be companion dogs. Like the GSD, they have a strong protective instinct, but they are not hostile or aggressive. They will defend their owners against threats, though. The Shiloh Shepherd’s protectiveness and alertness make them excellent guard dogs or watchdogs.

Shiloh Shepherds Background

The Shiloh Shepherd is not considered a designer breed as they have more than two breeds in their background. They are most closely related to the German Shepherd, however. Their other most prominent gene comes from the Alaskan Malamute. Both of these canines are working dogs and known for their intelligence, energy, and loyalty.

Family and Bonding

Although individual members of any breed always exhibit small differences, the majority of Shiloh shepherds have a very gentle, loving temperament. They typically bond strongly with their owners, and they’re generally gentle with children. They’re also more accepting of other pets than some German shepherds are.


Since his introduction to the world, the Shiloh Shepherd has built a reputation for being a mild-mannered, family friendly companion. He is also a renowned carting dog, service dog, and search and rescue dog.

Shiloh Shepherd Nature

With their calm and gentle nature, Shiloh Shepherds are the best choice as family pets.


The Shiloh Shepherd Dog is a giant purebred known for being courageous, gentle, intelligent, loving, loyal, outgoing, and protective. The Shiloh Shepherd Dog commonly participates in agility and herding.


Shiloh Shepherds as a Pack Animal

The Shiloh Shepherd is not an aggressive dog, and might not be good at bite work. They are usually protective of their family and home, but their large size and huge barks are usually more than enough to deter intruders.

Physical Traits

Besides being larger and, surprisingly, calmer than their GSD counterparts, Shiloh Shepherds typically have a longer/more plush coat than German Shepherds. They actually have two coat varieties– the plush and the smooth coated. Although there’s not really a short haired Shiloh Shepherd, the smooth variety has a coat more similar to the GSD and consistently and more than the plush type. Smooth SS dogs have outer coats that are medium length, harsh, straight and lying close to the body. Plush coats have more dense undercoats with long outer coats that are especially abundant around the neck, on the chest and the legs; this type of coat should still not be longer than 5 inches.

Excercising your Shiloh Shepherd

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