Are Blue Lacys Good Guard Dogs?

At Ranch World Ads farmers from across the country can advertise their working Blue Lacy puppies for sale. These farmers are trying to sell to other farmers that need a Blue lacy dog to guard their livestock.

Blue Lacys as Watch Dogs?

As is often the case with working dogs, Blue Lacys are incredibly loyal and attentive to their Owners. They make fantastic guard dogs, but their territorial aggression will need to be addressed so that they don’t scare off your houseguests. And if you’re looking for a cuddly dog, we’re sorry to say, this might not be the breed for you. Devoted as they are to their Owners, they’re not likely to show much physical affection. But, they will follow you from room to room as the furry sidekick you’ve always wanted.

Are Blue Lacys Aggressive?

Blue Lacys are generally good with children and are not usually aggressive. They are loyal family dogs and very protective of their humans. However, they do have high energy levels and can sometimes be known to play rough. For that reason, they may not be suited for homes with very young children that can be easily knocked over or accidentally hurt during rough play.

Blue Lacys Background

Family and Bonding

While they may be tough, hard-working, and covered in dirt after a full day’s labor, the Blue Lacy cleans up particularly well. The dog’s blue-gray coat is sleek and hearty, and gives off a gorgeous sheen.


The Blue Lacy is extremely loyal to his family and home, though he is still relatively friendly with outsiders once he gets to know them. Though not the most affectionate dog breed in the world, the Blue Lacy is still a love bug when he wants to be and will appreciate cuddles from time to time. However, he will also appreciate lots of adventure, outdoors time, and high-energy games.

Blue Lacy Nature

Gentle by nature but focused and fearless, the Blue Lacy is excellent with driving any type of livestock. He manages skittish sheep and poultry while handling more dangerous animals like wild boar with ease.


Training your Blue Lacy should start from day one, avoiding any aversive or harsh training methods. These dogs are sensitive and will shut down if they sense frustration, so patience and calmness are key. Positive reinforcement training is a good start, but they also need to learn boundaries at an early age. If this is your first dog or you’ve never owned a working breed, we recommend hiring a professional trainer for guidance.


Blue Lacys as a Pack Animal

While the Blue Lacy is not an aggressive breed, many breed members have very strong protective instincts.   Socialization is extremely important for Blue Lacy puppies, otherwise fearfulness or aggression issues may develop later in life.   This is a very alert dog that makes an excellent watch dog.   The Blue Lacy is protective enough to make an effective casual guard dog, but most breed members lack the aggression to make an ideal protection animal.

Physical Traits

In 2005, the Blue Lacy was named the Official State Dog Breed of Texas by the Texas Legislature and Governor.   Since that time, increasing numbers of fanciers are acquiring Blue Lacies as pets, especially within the state of Texas.   Unfortunately, this breed generally adapts very poorly to life as a companion animal.   The Blue Lacy is extraordinarily driven to work and is incredibly energetic.   This is a dog that wants something to do all the time, preferably something that vigorously exercises its mind and body.   Many families who acquire these dogs find that they are incapable of providing them with the stimulation that they require, and that they develop behavioral issues without it.   Increasing numbers of Blue Lacies are being turned into American animal shelters and being euthanized in them.   At the same time, many of the Blue Lacies bred primarily for sale as pets are not being carefully bred for working ability, temperament, and health.   There is a great fear among breeders of these dogs that the qualities for which the breed is so well-known will be compromised.   Because of these fears, there is growing concern among breeders and fanciers that any further notoriety for the breed will result in further damage.   There are now rumblings that many fanciers will oppose AKC recognition for the Blue Lacy, much like what has occurred in recent years with Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Havanese, and Jack Russell Terrier fanciers.   At this time, there does not seem to be anywhere near the anti-AKC sentiment as occurred with those breeds, but this situation could rapidly change as AKC recognition becomes a greater possibility.

Excercising your Blue Lacy

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