Are Border Sheepdogs Hypoallergenic

What does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Do Border Sheepdogs shed?

The Border Sheepdog’s appearance can be difficult to determine based on how many different varieties his parent breeds can come in. The typical Border Sheepdog may have tall ears that are fringed in hair, a long and soft coat that can come in a variety of different colors, and can range in size from quite small to medium. Their eyes are either light or dark brown and full of life and intelligence. Border Collies are known for their intimidating stare that causes herds to move, so be aware that your Border Sheepdog may also stare you or other things down in order to force its will upon them. There is also the rare possibility of blue eyes occurring in the Border Sheepdog, however if that happens, one or both ears may be deaf. The Border Sheepdog does best in mild climates due to his double coat and tends to shed often.

Are Border Sheepdogs good apartment dogs?

By combining the personalities of the Border Collie and the Sheltie, you may perhaps have the most dynamite combination in history. This is because both breeds are extremely intelligent, very athletic, and are not designed at all for just lazing around the house. While extremely easy to train with patience, it is of the utmost importance that a Border Sheepdog owner knows what they are getting into and is determined enough to handle it. This dog will not be able to just be left outside to his own devices and will most certainly not be able to handle being trapped inside the house all day. In order to properly train this hybrid dog and keep him happy and content, you will need to spend a lot of time training and spending quality time with him. Both the Border Collie and the Sheltie are very attached to their owners and are eager to please. They do well with older children and animals, however, be prepared to experience herding instincts directed to others if your Border Sheepdog is not trained properly. This is a natural instinct that will need to be curbed. Because both parent breeds are meant to be guard dogs as well, suspicion of strangers may happen initially and then recede once the dog gets more comfortable. Lastly, the Sheltie is known to bark often, so more suburban areas are best for your Border Sheepdog if he takes after that specific side of the gene pool. While the Border Sheepdog will be a handful, if proper training and socialization takes place young, you will have an amazing herding, show, or companion dog that is perfect for the athletic individual.

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The Border Sheepdog’s coats are long and straight, and they’re double-coated to keep them safe and comfortable in the elements. They are not known to be a great choice for allergy sufferers but can be fairly easy to groom. A good brushing once a week will probably do.

How to prevent allergies

Groom your Border Sheepdog

Your main concern when it comes to your Border Sheepdog’s care will be maintaining their oral health. You should brush their teeth daily, as most dogs are prone to dental issues. Your veterinarian can instruct you on how to brush your dog’s teeth properly.


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The Border Sheepdog is a mix between the Border Collie and the Shetland Sheepdog. Because this breed is so new, there isn’t a lot of information on its history. However, we do have a lot of great information about his parent breeds. The Border Collie is a small to medium sized dog that is very athletic and intelligent, typically ranging in a wide variety of colors. The Shetland Sheepdog is right in the same ball park of the Border Collie when it comes to agility and speed, especially when it comes to agility activities. This breed is small and athletic, with long flowing fur and bright eyes. Because the Border Sheepdog has not been around for very long, the appearance and personality will vary greatly depending on which parent breed’s genes are more dominant. In general, the Border Sheepdog will have an attractive blend of both parent’s attributes; with long fur, tall ears, and multiple varieties of coat colors and markings. Because both the Border Collie and the Sheltie are high energy working dogs, the Border Sheepdog is more often than not a dog that requires a lot of exercise and tends to do better with a more suburban type lifestyle.

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