Are Pyrenean Shepherds Hypoallergenic

What does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Do Pyrenean Shepherds shed?

Although at first glance it would appear that the Pyrenean Shepherd would require a significant amount of coat maintenance, this is not the case.   These dogs’ coats were bred to be low maintenance and to protect them from the elements.   As a result they are harsh and coarse.   Most Pyrenean Shepherds will not require professional grooming.   In fact, breed standards disapprove of certain types of grooming, particularly on the Smooth-Faced Variety.   These dogs will however require a regular firm brushing.   These dogs are considered moderate shedders.   Although this would not be the ideal breed for allergy sufferers, you will not have a large quantity of fur on your furniture from a Pyrenean Shepherd.

Are Pyrenean Shepherds good apartment dogs?

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a very active dog so will need committed owners who enjoy being active themselves. It can adapt to apartment living as long as it gets enough activity outside each day, though it would enjoy having access to some kind of yard or space outside. Key to having a steady and well behaved Pyr is making sure it gets enough mental and physical stimulation. Otherwise it is likely to get into trouble and be difficult to live with. It has a lot of stamina so can happily join you for long hikes, jogging or cylging, going for a good swim and so on. If taking it for a walk it needs at least two long ones a day (aim for at least an hour a day), at a good pace, and should be kept on a leash. Whether you take it to a dog park for off leash time is up to you, it depends on how good your Pyr is with other dogs and strangers. But some safe off leash time somewhere is needed where it can run and play doggy games with you. This breed loves to work and loves to be kept busy.

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Groom your Pyrenean Shepherd

Moderate Maintenance: Pyrenean Shepherds need only a weekly brush, as well as regular checks for burrs or mats, to keep their coat in good condition.


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The Pyrenean Shepherd or "Pyr Shep" has herded sheep in the Pyrenees Mountains of Southern France for centuries. The breed comes in two coat types – Rough-faced and Smooth-faced. Colors include shades of fawn from tan to copper, as well as charcoal to silver to pearl grey. Although tentative with strangers, the Pyrenean Shepherd has a very lively, cheerful disposition, and is a superb canine athlete who excels at agility and other dog sports.

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