Are Cav-a-jacks Good Guard Dogs?

Cav-a-Jacks as Watch Dogs?

Are Cav-a-Jacks Aggressive?

Cav-a-Jacks Background

As a newer mixed dog breed, there isn’t a whole lot of concrete information about the Cav-a-Jack’s history. But looking into the background of the parent breeds, you can get a solid sense of where the dog comes from.

Family and Bonding

Balancing out the mixed breed’s playful side, they also love to be around people–the Cav-a-Jack is definitely a dog who will become a great companion for young and old people alike. In fact, this is not a dog to be left alone all day. Make the Cav-a-Jack a key part of your family and you’ll find yourself living with a great dog.


The Cav-a-Jack is a hybrid breed. His parents are the beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the spunky Jack Russell Terrier. He is a small, friendly canine who enjoys people, including small children. Not a high maintenance hybrid, he is ideal for the novice dog owner. Mischievous at times but very fun to have around, his inquisitive nature adds joy to his personality. As long as he is given adequate exercise, he will be a well-behaved little companion. He is likely to be mostly white with red, tan, brown or black markings. He is the perfect choice for a person who lives in an apartment, as well as a family with a fenced-in backyard.

Cav-a-Jack Nature

If you have access to a safe dog park, you’ll find that your Cav-a-Jack absolutely loves playing around with the other pups! Be cautious if you have a yard: The mixed breed’s curious nature means that they could very well attempt to escape through any holes in a fence.


The Cav-a-Jack is a lively, spirited little dog. The Jack Russell Terrier parent is a highly intelligent and inquisitive dog. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel balances out the feisty personality by adding a touch of calmness and loads of affection. Your Cav-a-Jack will love his family dearly and prove to be a very adoring family member. He will want to be with the family; do not leave him unattended outside no matter how secure you think your fence may be. He is able to spring over a fence or even dig under it in order to get to what he wants. He may or may not get along with cats since they could appear to be prey and fun to chase. Though an affectionate hybrid, the Cav-a-Jack does have an independent side and will need firm, consistent guidance. Some owners have found the Cav-a-Jack tougher to toilet train then other hybrids but with perseverance your Cav-a-Jack will get it right.


Cav-a-Jacks as a Pack Animal

Physical Traits

Despite their small size, the Cav-a-Jack is a dog with high energy and exercise needs. Try and aim for at least an hour a day in terms of exercise, and make sure that walks are on the brisk side. Definitely add fetch games and agility tasks to your outdoor routine.

Excercising your Cav-a-Jack

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