Are Chihuahuas Good Guard Dogs?

Both the Smooth and Long Coats have their special attractions and are equally easy to keep clean and well-groomed. [7] The term smooth coat does not mean that the hair is necessarily smooth, as the hair can range from having a velvet touch to a whiskery feel. Longhaired Chihuahuas are actually smoother to the touch, having soft, fine-guard hairs and a downy undercoat, which gives them their fluffy appearance. Unlike many longhaired breeds, longhaired Chihuahuas require no trimming and minimal grooming. Contrary to popular belief, the longhaired breed also typically sheds less than its shorthaired counterparts. It may take up to three or more years before a full longhaired coat develops.

Chihuahuas as Watch Dogs?

The Chihuahua dog breed is known for its varied temperament. For example, while the Chihuahua is reserved towards strangers, it is friendly with pets and other household dogs. The dog may also try to act protective, but this boldness is generally displayed as barking and is, therefore, not very effective as a guard dog. However, this sassy dog has become a favorite among toy dog lovers, especially for its extreme devotion to its master.

Are Chihuahuas Aggressive?

It is absolutely essential for your Chihuahuas to get regular exercise. Many people underestimate the exercise needs of smaller dogs. The Chihuahua has a moderate to high energy level and may develop behavioral problems if not given enough activity. Exercise and mental stimulation will help maintain your dog’s mental and physical health. Be aware when you are walking a Chihuahua, as they are known to be aggressive toward larger dogs if not properly trained. You may need to be on alert to remove your dog from potential conflict.

Chihuahuas Background

Chihuahuas have a soft, glossy, and close coat that is full over
the body while scant on the head and ears. The long-coated
variety have a longer, softer coat that can be flat or slightly
curly and must have an undercoat. The tail on a long coat
resembles a plume; the ears, feet, and legs are feathered too;
with a ruff around the neck. Either variety’s coat can be any
solid color or marked or splashed with color on a white

Family and Bonding

What are they like? You may see them peering out of purses, especially designer purses of the likes of Paris Hilton. But don’t be fooled: the Chihuahua is hardly a lapdog! The Chihuahua is tenacious, like a terrier or a Miniature Dachshund, and though his bark is bigger than his bite, he rarely backs down from anything. Alert and full of attitude, Chihuahuas aren’t shy about what they want. That doesn’t mean he’s not fun to be around, however – the Chihuahua is an extremely devoted little pooch, often bonding with one particular person in a family above all others. Besides being one of the cutest dog breeds, the Chihuahua is a smart dog that can be trained with some work. The breed does very well in apartments, is highly portable, and does well with older children.


Chihuahuas are not recommended for homes with children under the age of eight, simply because of the chance of injury by a young child. Regardless of your family situation, it’s important to remember to socialize your Chihuahua to children, adults, and other animals. Chihuahuas are mistrustful of strangers, which makes them good watchdogs, but they need to learn to meet people in a friendly manner. It’s also important to remember that Chihuahuas tend to forget they are small and will stand up to a larger aggressive dog; as a result the Chihuahua needs vigilant supervision in new situations, while they’re on walks, and when they’re in the yard.

Chihuahua Nature

We love creating mascots at Brandiose. Jason and Casey’s first job out of high school was as the Swinging Friar for the Padres, and Jason was Big Al at the University of Alabama. For Chico, we wanted to create a character and costume that felt like we had brought the Chihuahuas logo to life. We also wanted to make sure we kept his signature spiked collar and scar through the eye but wouldn’t make kids nervous.


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Chihuahuas as a Pack Animal

Chihuahuas come in a tiny package, but have big personalities they're not afraid to flaunt. While they are a charming breed, "Chis" (as owners affectionately call them) have a tendency to be a bit sassy. The Chihuahua Club of America actually refers to the breed's expression as "saucy.

Physical Traits

Chihuahuas are undisputedly the smallest dog in the world. The Guinness world-record holder for the smallest dog and shortest dog in the world are both held by Milly the Chihuahua. This pint-sized pup from Puerto Rico is less than 10cm tall and weighs less than half a kilo.

Excercising your Chihuahua

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