Are Norwegian Lundehunds Good Guard Dogs?

Friendly and outgoing, the Norwegian Lundehund is likely to greet everyone with a wagging tail and happy bark. They can make decent watchdogs but are too sweet to be guard dogs.

Norwegian Lundehunds as Watch Dogs?

Norwegian Lundehunds are the most rear among the domestic animals. They are very hard to find, therefore, if you want to buy them you should probably wait for long to get the purest breed. They will be the perfect addition in the family since they are lovable and great watch dogs.

Are Norwegian Lundehunds Aggressive?

Taking the material of the dog toy for your Norwegian Lundehund is very important. If you have a rascal who is an aggressive chewer, buying plush toys is not ideal. Instead, you should go for long-lasting rubber toys.

Norwegian Lundehunds Background

Family and Bonding

Your Norwegian Lundehund will provide your family with love and protection for many years to come.


Not only are Norwegian Lundehunds friendly, but they’re super smart too. Your dog will easily pick up on basic tricks and responds well to praise. He can be prone to stubbornness, so using positive reinforcement training techniques would work best with this breed.

Norwegian Lundehund Nature

Norwegian Lundehunds were bred to assist in hunting, so they need to exercise their instincts along with their bodies. The Frisco Rope With Squeaking Ball is an ideal dog toy because your dog can tug on it, and it is noisy too.


The Norwegian Lundehund is known to shed a great deal, requiring daily coat brushing with a firm bristle-brush. It can also tend to be a shy breed, so the dog should be socialized at a young age. The Norwegian Lundehund enjoys just about any outdoor activity and is very energetic. A large yard is best for this dog breed; however the intelligent Lundehund is good at escaping, so a secure fence is suggested.


Norwegian Lundehunds as a Pack Animal

Protective and loyal, the Norwegian Lundehund is known to be an excellent watchdog and family companion. However, just because they are wary of strangers doesn’t mean they are aggressive in any way. Once they feel comfortable around you, they will be a loving and cheerful friend.

Physical Traits

The Norwegian Lundehund is a rather odd or freakish dog. He has six toes on each foot. The toes on his front feet are double or even triple jointed. He has legs that turn out at a 90 degree angle and his head is able to bend backwards almost to the point where he can touch his back. He can also close his ears by folding them forward or backward. Because he is able to contort his body into different positions, it can be difficult to keep him contained. Aside from being freakish in looks, he has an overabundance of energy and does require an experienced dog owner.

Excercising your Norwegian Lundehund

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