Are Chiliers Good Guard Dogs?

As you can pretty much guess, Chiliers are not good as guard dogs. Neither their attitude, nor their size qualifies them for that.

Chiliers as Watch Dogs?

Are Chiliers Aggressive?

These pups may be small, but they're extremely active. Chiliers need daily walks or lively exercise sessions to burn off excess energy and keep their weight under control. The chihuahua inside of them can be a little stubborn, so it's important to choose an activity that keeps them engaged. This is also an intelligent breed, so they need mental stimulation, like interactive puzzles or toys, as well as physical. Dog parks are great for giving them time to socialize and letting them run around outside a bit, but they may be aggressive with other dogs if their stubborn streak gets the best of them.

Chiliers Background

As a newer mixed dog breed, there’s not a lot of detailed information available about the Chilier’s history. But looking into the background of the parent breeds gives you a snapshot of what you’re dealing with.

Family and Bonding

The Chilier is a hybrid breed. It is a combination of the parent breeds Chihuahua and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is a wonderful, family-oriented dog. He is highly affectionate and playful. He is a laid-back, happy dog, and he bonds quickly to his family. He may be a variety of colors, depending upon his direct parentage. He may be a better watchdog than comparable breeds. He is suited to live in many environments including apartments or larger homes with a fenced-in area in which he can play.


And if you’re looking for a new pet, a Chilier is everything you might want. These dogs are friendly and playful, and very good around children.

Chilier Nature

Chiliers are not fearful by nature, but a negative experience might make a strong impression and affect their sociable personality.


This breed has a lot of traits that make it a great pet for any owner or family, but when it comes to training, experienced dog owners are likely have more success. Both the Cavalier King Charles and chihuahua are extremely intelligent, but the chihuahua's stubborn streal can impede training. The Chilier performs best with a trainer that is consistent and firm and has a lot of patience. A rewards-based approach works best. This is not to say that new dog owners shouldn't consider a chilier, but they may need to work with a professional trainer to get the results they want.


Chiliers as a Pack Animal

Children are unpredictable and, sometimes so is a bossy little Chilier that has inherited the stubborn streak in his Chihuahua mother’s blood.

Physical Traits

Everything about this dog makes it a perfect lapdog and companion. It's the perfect size to curl up anywhere with you, and you can easily carry it around in a large purse or carrier if you take it out for a walk, and it decides it would rather not. That said, chiliers are also very playful and entertaining. They love to play catch and interact with you using toys and playing games. Most of the time, a chilier will be happy doing whatever you're doing, whether that means hanging out at home, chatting with friends, or running around in the backyard.

Excercising your Chilier

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