Are Australian Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

Australian Retrievers are good with pets, especially with those they have been brought up with. They are also comfortable with strangers, though, but wouldn’t hesitate to bark and guard their property and family if they come across anything fishy or suspicious. However, their natural herding instinct might fade away with age.

Australian Retrievers as Watch Dogs?

The Australian Retriever has many positive qualities that make it a joy to own. These dogs are not only affectionate, they are energetic, they are playful, they are smart, and they are loving. These are such friendly dogs, they are truly a great addition to any home. They will get along famously with children and are very protective and affectionate, capable of deep bonds with your family. Your children will never be in harm’s way: this is not an aggressive dog by any stretch of the imagination. They are the perfect dogs for children, families, and even farms! They are a great, very obedient dog that is easy to train and makes a good watch dog against intruders.

Are Australian Retrievers Aggressive?

Kids, other dogs, strangers on the street – the Aussie Golden mix will be friendly to everyone it encounters. Having inherited its parents’ devoted, loving traits, the Australian Retriever is one of the least aggressive dogs you’ll ever meet.

Australian Retrievers Background

Since it is a designer breed, the Australian Retriever will have a pricier tag if they have multicolored eyes or a merle coat. Make sure that do a background check on the breeder and visit them. Don’t go to puppy mills because they will most likely hide the parents from you. A responsible breeder gives you information about the parents and the health history of the puppy.

Family and Bonding

The Australian Retriever is a cross between two beloved and famous breeds of dogs: the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever. Temperamentally, these breeds are quite similar to each other, even though they were bred for two different purposes. The Australian Shepherd is an athletic ranching and herding dog that (despite the name) was perfected and refined in the United States. The Golden Retriever is a strong worker and hunting/retrieving dog that originated from the Highlands of Scotland.


The Australian Retriever has a friendly and upbeat personality; it will be an endless source of energy, fun, and companionship for the entire family. But don’t let its appealing qualities blind you from the challenge that comes with it. Possessive, needy, and high-intensity, this dog is a real handful to care for, which means it is not for everyone. The dog will do best with a highly engaged and creative owner who takes a very active interest in its life. If the Australian Retrieve doesn’t receive enough attention and care, then it may begin to feel stressed out and anxious. This could lead to unnecessary destructive behavior and chewing.

Australian Retriever Nature

But because of its strong herding and retrieving instinct, the Australian Retriever may have the tendency to run around, explore its surroundings, and attempt to herd people and animals. Training will help to overcome these instincts, but the owner can only do so much.


The Australian Retriever descends from two highly intelligent and trainable breeds. It’s capable of learning a huge range of different commands and tasks. These dogs should do best with positive reinforcement methods and rewards-based training combined with a clicker or verbal commands. Since this dog has the tendency to lose focus after long periods of repetitious behavior, it’s a good idea to limit sessions to no more than 20 minutes at a time and try to change things up frequently.


Australian Retrievers as a Pack Animal

Crate, housebreaking, obedience or agility training should also start soon after adoption. The large sized Australian Retrievers need a strong-willed master who can handle them and let them know who the real leader of its ‘pack’ is. The Australian Retriever dogs will require very less repetitions of commands to obey specific instructions. But do not be rude or angry with them. A positive reinforcement training technique would always work right. Be compassionate while the training is on, and appreciate their skills whenever they pick up a trick successfully, and you would be surprised to see how your dog grows up as an object of envy to other dog owners.

Physical Traits

As a cross between two different breeds, the Australian Retriever comes in many different colors and appearances, but it is generally characterized by its large size, athletic frame, broad head, and small expressive eyes. The coarse coat of fur comes in various color combinations, including black, brown, brindle, merle, blonde, and gold. It can be either wavy or straight as well.

Excercising your Australian Retriever

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