Are Dorkies Good Guard Dogs?

Dachshunds are known for being good badger hunters. In fact, they were specifically bred for hunting badgers. Their bodies are elongated and small to be able to pursue badgers into their burrows. Terriers were bred to keep mice and rats away from the home, and the sub-breed of the Yorkshire terrier (a yorkie) is a miniature version of the terrier to keep mice out of textile mills. This miniature size makes the Dorkie perfect lap dogs and pets. They are also good guard dogs, as they will bark at any danger whether it is real or imaginary. These hybrid dogs are very good dogs to have.

Dorkies as Watch Dogs?

Are Dorkies Aggressive?

My Dorkie, Phoenix is my problem child. He is 18 months. He looks like a Doxie except he has long legs and weighs healthy 30 lbs. No dog toy lasts long. We have bark box upgraded for distructve dogs…demolished as is my couch. He gets aggressive if any one comes near me as my Yorkie. I heard the Yokie and mix is a one person dog. Phoenix gets aggressive with anyone that comes to the door with no stopping barking. He is a major kicker but is almost a motion detector if anyone gets up to go to the bathroom. He is selfish with food and toys plus a bully with my other dogs…. he tried only once bullying my 250 lb Daniff.

Dorkies Background

Some shady dog breeders might take advantage of you not knowing about dog breeds just to be able to be able to earn some cash. So, it is best to have background information regarding a Dorkie dog breed, starting with its parents if you want to purchase one.

Family and Bonding

Many Dorkie lovers describe these dogs’ personalities as being anything but dorky. They are easy-going lapdogs who will also make excellent travel companions.


Dorkies have a lot of energy. . when they are awake that is! Although indoor dogs, they enjoy being let out to play in the yard or taking a few leashed walks per day. Such friendly little dogs do very well at the dog park. This breed is pretty easy to train, even for a first time dog owner. They are intelligent, submissive, treat and affection motivated and they excel in obedience and agility training.

Dorkie Nature

Dorkies have some health issues, many of which are shared with any small breed. Managing their diet is essential to avoid the complications of some of these conditions. If you’re looking for a dog with lots of personality and the adorable nature to match, a Dorkie is an excellent choice for both families and individuals who can give them the attention they need.


I was blessed to have my dorky 16 years. He was 1/4 Dachshund and 3/4 Yorkshire. He was intelligent and cuddly. I love the combination. I would like my puppy to grow to 9 -10 pounds maximum. Please reply if you have the smaller breed available. Thank you very much.


Dorkies as a Pack Animal

Their adventurous spirit and curious nature make Dorkies great traveling companions. They won’t mind traveling often and changing the scenery, as long as they’re with their favorite human. They’re also conveniently small, so you can pack them up easily and take them anywhere you want.

Physical Traits

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Excercising your Dorkie

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