Are French Bullhuahuas Good Guard Dogs?

Training is important for all breeds, but it’s particularly important for breeds like the French Bullhuahua, who can display signs of aggression and guarding.

French Bullhuahuas as Watch Dogs?

There are small differences that might impact your Bullhuahua breed preference. For example, if you want a loud and proud guard dog, the French Bullhuahua is best suited. Alternatively, if you want a breed that’s stockier rather than lean, you might opt for the English over the American Bullhuahua. These differences are minor but are essential to consider when investing in a Bullhuahua.

Are French Bullhuahuas Aggressive?

However, these tiny dogs can also be possessive and aggressive at times. Overall, French Bullhuahuas are known to be loving, intelligent and confident.

French Bullhuahuas Background

Family and Bonding

Anyone who doesn’t fall in love with a French Bullhuahua after seeing one, is sure to become a convert after spending time with these wonderful souls! Full of mischief and adventure, it’s hard to be grumpy when in the company of a French Bullhuahua. A social and loving dog, these guys will fit straight in to any family. However, they can become over-attached to people and do crave attention and companionship most of the day. Some individuals can become over-protective of their territory and family, which can be frustrating when guests are over.


They usually have short coats, and they’re generally considered to be a good choice for allergy sufferers. There are longer-coated French Bullhuahuas, too, though they may not be as allergy friendly. Luckily, both coats are very easy to groom. A good brushing per week will probably do.

French Bullhuahua Nature

The frisky French Bullhuahua will inherit personality traits from both the tiny Chihuahua and the sweet-natured French Bulldog.


With that said, we can look to the history of each parent breed to learn more about the origins of the French Bullhuahua.


French Bullhuahuas as a Pack Animal

Personality in a small package, the French Bullhuahua is a small breed of dog that has become popular over the last decade as the popularity of designer breeds increases.

Physical Traits

Over the last couple of decades the popularity for Designer dogs has risen dramatically. Designer dogs, like the French Bullhuahua are first generation offspring usually from two different purebreds. They can have any blend of the different physical traits and temperaments from either parent. Most have no origins known about them and sadly this area has attracted a lot of bad breeders and puppy mills who have appalling practices and should absolutely be avoided. Here is a look at the parents to have an idea of what could go into the French Bullhuahua.

Excercising your French Bullhuahua

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