Are Shiranians Good Guard Dogs?

Safeguards aside, it’s important to exercise your Shiranian every single day. These dogs tend to be be a little fussy and hyper-sensitive, and if bored or restless they’ll become disobedient, hyperactive, and even fussier than they already are. Consistent Shiranian exercise is great for both the dog’s and your own peace of mind.

Shiranians as Watch Dogs?

Izzy the Shih Tzu / Pomeranian mix breed dog (Shiranian) at 7 months old—"Izzy belonged to my great-grandchildren when daddy said "the puppy has to go" so I said I would take her. She is the best little dog I have ever had. She is extremely smart and she was easy to train. She doesn’t shed but hair does come out when I brush her. She is a good watch dog. She loves to play with my Russian Siberian kitten who is 1 month older than Izzy and the kitten weighs about 2 pounds more. They are the best buddies and make me laugh. When they are not napping, they are playing. They are just the cutest together. Everyone in the family loves Izzy. She is tiny with lots of energy and very loving. She gives kisses all the time. I love the fact that I don’t have to take her to the groomer every month. All she needs is a 15 minute bath and blow dry and Izzy is done. She is the best dog I’ve ever had.

Are Shiranians Aggressive?

The Shiranians’ yen for affection also tends to make them a little bit needy. The hybrid can easily become over-attached to you and your family, and may suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression if left along for long stretches of time. These feelings may lead them to do aggressive behaviors as a coping mechanism.

Shiranians Background

Family and Bonding

Energetic little dogs like the Shiranian are going to love running in circles, chasing you, jumping, playing with toys, and pretty much any type of activity you can develop with them.


You wouldn’t think that such a small dog could cause so many heckles to rise, but make no mistake. The friendly, lovable Shiranian is a source of huge controversy. As, in fact, are all designer crossbreeds. Basically, pure breed enthusiasts don’t like them. It’s not so much that they see them as an abomination (although if push came to shove, you might hear them whisper it), it’s more that they consider them unnecessary, unhealthy, and the result of poor breeding standards. Of course, there’s another side of the story. Ask a crossbreed lover what they think, and they’ll tell you that crossbreeds are healthier, more robust, and less prone to the problems of inbreeding and other dodgy breeding practices than pure breeds. As to which side is right… well, we’ll leave you to decide.

Shiranian Nature

The Shiranian inherits traits from both its parent dogs, and this is one pooch that is known for its joyful and friendly nature. And to gain a better understanding of the Shiranian’s personality, it can help to read up on the temperaments of the parent Pomeranian and Shih Tzu dog breeds.


The Shiranian is a dog breed that has a rather distinct appearance thanks to its combination of Shih Tzu and Pomeranian genes, read on to learn more about it.


Shiranians as a Pack Animal

Like a lot of small breeds, Shiranians can gain weight easily on even just a few extra calories a day. Stick to a regular feeding schedule and keep a close eye on their weight: if they start to pack on the pounds, limit any treats and snacks and speak to your vet about a calorie-controlled diet. Bear in mind that like all dogs, a Shiranian’s calorie needs will vary depending on their life stage: feeding a senior dog the same amount as a young dog is a one-way ticket to weight-related problems. As needs can vary according to age, health, and activity levels, always consult your vet if you have any concerns about just how much you should be feeding your pet.

Physical Traits

A Shiranian is considered a small dog, and they must be fed food for a small breed. If a Shiranian is given too much food, they will quickly gain weight. It is best to consult with your vet as to exactly how much food your pet needs. A dog that is four pounds in size may need a different amount of food than one that is 14 pounds.

Excercising your Shiranian

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