Are German Shepherd Pit Bulls Good Guard Dogs?

I am a firm believer in the owner’s shaping of the dog. The German shepherd Pit Bull mix can make wonderful family dogs if properly trained and socialized. Because a Pit Bull mixed dog has Pit Bull genes, the majority of people will assume it is aggressive. I’ve always had Pit Bulls and have never had a problem with their behavior. Like any other dog, the German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix requires a sense of belonging to a pack. They are the offspring of two canine siblings who are both highly intelligent and powerful, and can easily adapt to their new human family’s ways. The German Shepherd Pit Bull Mixed dogs have a keen sense of people’s energy levels, and if you are calm and collected while also showing leadership, they will follow you. The German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix breed produces strong dogs that are ideal for guarding.

Are German Shepherd Pit Bulls Aggressive?

A designer breed, the German Shepherd Pit Bull mix is intelligent, affectionate, and loyal. This crossbreed is frequently misunderstood as aggressive, but it makes a loving and loyal companion in the hands of an experienced owner.

Family and Bonding

While there is no denying the controversy surrounding Pit Bulls and, more recently, German Shepherds, those who own one are well-known and well-loved.


German Shepherd Pit Bulls are not aggressive when properly socialized as puppies and are extremely friendly to strangers and other dogs.

German Shepherd Pit Bull Nature

Starting socialization and training at a young age is especially important for a German Shepherd Pit Bull mix. This dominant mix can be stubborn or aggressive if not properly trained from a young age.


I recommend avoiding commercial foods and instead opting for raw and home cooked meals when it comes to feeding your German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix. I am the proud owner of a two-year-old Pit Bull who is both beautiful and healthy. As a child, she was fed raw chicken, home-cooked meals, and a few commercial foods. She is nimble, healthy, and vibrant, and she shows no signs of illness. Before feeding raw or home cooked meals, there are a few things to keep in mind. Raw meats should be frozen for at least three days before feeding to avoid salmonella. Onions and raisins are two human foods that are poisonous to dogs. Read my article “Feeding Dogs Human Food” to learn more about what not to feed dogs. Combine raw meats with vegetables like broccoli and sweet potatoes to make a nutritious meal.

German Shepherd Pit Bulls as a Pack Animal

This mix is best suited for experienced dog owners who know how to train a dog and establish themselves as the pack’s leader. If you’ve never had a dog before, the German Shepherd Pit Bull mix isn’t the best breed to start with; instead, think about other, less dominant dog breeds.

Physical Traits

The German Shepherd Pit Bull mix is a large to medium-sized dog.

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