Are Irish Setters Good Family Dogs?

The decision to get a dog can be a challenging one, especially when you have children and a particular type of lifestyle to consider. There are many great family dogs, but just because a dog is characteristically great with families doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for yours.

Are Irish Setters Good Family Dogs? Irish Setters are Good Family Dogs, especially for families with Older Children. Because a couple of these dogs are timid, some socializing is required before adoption.

We will now compare Irish Setters with the characteristics of a Good Family Dog.


If you have children, this one is fairly obvious. You want to choose a breed that is good with children; a breed that is lovable to everyone, no matter how big or how small.

But remember, it’s not only the dogs that might go crazy – kids aren’t always as kind as they should be with pets. This implies your dog should be tolerant and be able to cope with a few rough pats and ears pulls every so often.

You’ve also have to consider things like completing the school run – would you need to leave your dog at home? Will it be okay on its own for a bit? These are vital elements to consider before making your decision, and could save your home from being chewed up by an impatient dog.

Are Irish Setters Child-friendly?

The breed is good-natured and generally affectionate with family, kids, and strangers. In addition setters are normally well-behaved with other dogs.


If you have tiny ones around, you’ll want to make sure your furry family member is tough enough to survive the often-rough hands of little ones. Gentleness and patience go hand-in-hand here, since it’s certain that your youngsters will be putting theirs all over Fido. Strength and kindness are a terrific mix when considering an addition to your family.

How Sturdy are Irish Setters?

Many people know the Irish Setter by its silky mahogany or chestnut coat. Their slender physique, powerful legs, and amazing speeds are why they were initially utilized as sports dogs before making their way into the hearts of people throughout the world.

Consistent Energy Level

Family life is non-stop, and you need a dog to go with it. We all know that living in a family house can entail a lot of things going on; all sorts of different people are in and out of that front door – family, old friends, new friends, children, adults…

The dog you choose has to keep up with all of that, and be prepared for it too. A lethargic or nervous dog can react unfavorably to situations like that, but a lively, friendly dog will seize on the opportunity for a good back rub and maybe even an extra walk.

How are Irish Setter’s Energy Levels?

They’re sociable, mischievous, and curious, with high energy levels. This is a brave and lively family buddy with the ability to do well in many canine sports and activities.


By far, a nice personality and a loving temperament hold the greatest weight — no matter the breed — when you’re attempting to settle on a dog to bring into your house. Affectionate dogs are frequently loyal and may be protective of their people, which is a nice characteristic to have. You can never have too many humans — or animals — watching after your herd.

Are Irish Setters Loving?

They’re also lovely and devoted family dogs


Loyalty is a trait of many breeds — a dog is one of the most faithful pets after all. Individuals want their dog to be trustworthy and reliable, particularly when those people are in a family situation. Looking after children may be challenging enough, let alone adding an uncooperative, naughty dog to the mix.

Loyal dogs will save you a lot of time and work, and may even aid you along the way too! They will become a much-loved and treasured member of your family in everyone’s eyes.

Are Irish Setters Loyal Dogs?

An bright dog, they are quick learners and thrive at obedience training. They are very spirited and will provide eternal loyalty and affection.


No matter what their home environment or lifestyle, every individual will want to choose a friendly dog to own, but when it comes to a family dog they need to be openly affectionate. Your dog will essentially be an added member of the family thus you want it to get on with everyone and everything.

Those walks in the park might get a little uncomfortable – even nerve-wracking – if your dog is violent towards another, or even when they are unduly fearful of other people and their pets. It shouldn’t be a matter of having to avoid bringing family and friends over or steering clear of other people in a public park.

Are Irish Setters Affectionate?

These lively canines enjoy children, people, and other dogs. The youngsters may spend hours playing fetch and burning off their energy with these pets. Adults also receive the advantage of owning a fun-loving and adventurous dog that likes displaying their devotion and commitment to their families.


All dogs should be taught early on, but it’s particularly crucial that they are when they’re around youngsters. Whilst we know that dogs and children can have a terrific relationship, there are some things to be careful of — things that can be prevented if the dogs have been trained properly.

A lot of the time, youngsters act and speak extremely differently to adults; notably smaller children with their wailing and shouting outbursts. This can confuse dogs and hence have an impact on the child’s safety. Even a child’s most innocent show of affection – a kiss – could come across as dangerous to an untrained and intolerant dog.

Are Irish Setters Smart?

Irish Setters are a very clever dog breed. This makes them quite easy to teach.


Some breeds are more prone to health difficulties than others. Healthcare problems may be time-consuming and costly. It’s crucial to plan how you will fund the expense of care for your pooch. The best thing is to evaluate the sort of pet insurance or wellness plan you’ll need to make your pup’s treatment more reasonable.

Are Irish Setters a Healthy Breed?

Irish Setters are typically a healthy breed. It’s important to note, though, that every breed might encounter health concerns at some point in life. Routine veterinarian appointments will help check for probable ailments and keep your dog feeling its best.

Other Considerations:

Living Situation

Consider your living condition before adopting a dog into your life, as well. Do you have adequate space for the dog you want? Taking a look at your home environment, both immediate and long-term is something every owner should consider before adopting a pup.

What Living requirements does Irish Setters have?

Irish Setters demand a lot of activity. These dogs prefer to keep on the run continuously. Having a spacious backyard for them to run and play in is a terrific method of helping them burn off their energy. If the family has kids, letting the youngsters run and play with these dogs is another approach to ensure they receive appropriate exercise. Just remember, an Irish Setter is lively, thus those who like an active lifestyle are frequently the greatest owners for this dog breed.

Easy to groom

With the stress of family life, you may want to consider getting a dog that is easy-to-groom. If you hardly see time to sit down between looking after everybody else and working, you will not want to pick a high-maintenance dog.

Some breeds require regular washing, cleaning, clipping, trimming and other grooming merely to keep happy and healthy; yet some breeds can be a fast brush-and-go job. Of course, there is the alternative of going to a professional grooming facility to keep your cherished pooch in check.

Are Irish Setters Easy to Groom?

Dogs with smooth coats, like the Irish Setter, should be washed frequently, every 4-6 weeks. This helps care for their coats. When it comes to this dog breed, you’ll immediately realize that grooming is a need that demands a lot of time and attention.

Due to their lengthy hair, Irish Setters must be combed regularly. This maintains their glossy coats manageable and looking their best. If you intend on allowing your Irish Setter to take participates in the show, you’ll also want to maintain their coat cut to highlight their neck and head.

Trimming the hair inside the ears will help keep your pet more comfortable. Due to the long coats and floppy ears of this dog breed, you need ensure their ears are clean and clear of tangled hair.

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