Are Irish Setters Easy to Train? – A Guide to Irish Setter Training1

Irish Setters have a long and proud history stretching back hundreds of years. They have a reputation for being loyal, friendly, and energetic, making them an excellent choice for a family pet. But what about training? Are Irish Setters easy to train? In this article, we will explore the answer to that question as well … Read more

Irish Setter Puppies: A Complete Guide

Before you bring an Irish Setter home, be sure you are ready to offer it a happy life. You can offer your puppy with a secure and healthy environment by learning more about where to buy, their food needs, how much activity they require, and how to keep them well-groomed. Care Irish Setters are one … Read more

Are Irish Setters Good Family Dogs?

adorable purebred fluffy irish setter with shiny eyes

The decision to get a dog can be a challenging one, especially when you have children and a particular type of lifestyle to consider. There are many great family dogs, but just because a dog is characteristically great with families doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for yours. Are Irish Setters Good Family Dogs? Irish … Read more

Are Irish Setters Good Guard Dogs?

Because these dogs are naturally sweet and welcoming, their owners should not expect them to effectively guard their home or property. Are Irish Setters Good Guard Dogs? No! Irish Setters are not good guard dogs, because they lack the necessary aggression and protective instincts to make a good guard dog. In spite of the fact … Read more