Are Labrabulls Good Guard Dogs?

The Labrabull can be a very affectionate and loyal family dog if properly trained and socialized, and will tolerate even the most rambunctious children’s play. The Labrabull’s natural aggression and prey drive may be visible, but it is usually directed at strange people or other animals, making it an excellent watch or guard dog.

Labrabulls as Watch Dogs?

So the question is, are Labrabulls good Watch Dogs?

Are Labrabulls Aggressive?

Pitadors, also known as Labrabulls, are alert dogs with the ability to be protective, powerful, loving, and loyal from birth. If he believes you are in danger, this dog can become overly enthusiastic and aggressive. Pitadors, on the other hand, if introduced to a social circle early in life, can be very well-rounded and friendly with other pets. Because this is an intelligent dog, it should be relatively easy to train. Because these dogs enjoy chewing, they’ll always need something to chew on. They are energetic, but they also want to cuddle. These dogs, on the other hand, crave attention and may experience severe separation anxiety if you already have a busy schedule away from home.

Labrabulls Background

Pitbull lab

Pitbull lab mixes are low-maintenance puppies in terms of grooming. Despite the fact that their short-haired coat sheds infrequently, brushing it once a week will help keep it shiny and smooth. If your Labrabull’s coat becomes denser as a result of its Lab background, once daily brushing may be preferable.

Family and Bonding

Labrabulls are likely to be found among the mutts at your local shelter. If you want a dog that is both athletic and affectionate, this is the mix for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the mixed breed’s characteristics.


Labrabulls are friendly to both children and other animals, and they have a sweet disposition.

Labrabull Nature

I had a labrabull for 11 years, and she was everything people say about this breed of dog. She was a firm believer in my family and me. She was two years old when I adopted her, and she has raised all three of my children. My oldest son was 18 months old when I got her, and I’ve since raised two more sons with her. She would alert us to anyone who pulled into the driveway, and if she didn’t recognize you, she would make you think twice about getting out of your car, but she was all bark and no bite, as they say. As soon as she realized who it was, all she wanted was her tummy rubbed. My son enjoys fishing, and I have a creek in my backyard; we live in the country, but she was always with him when he went fishing. She’d sit in a spot where she could see all three of her children at all times if my two daughters were outside. I believe she also thought of them as her children. The only thing she refused to do during the eleven years I had her was swim. She despised water and tried to stay away from it at all costs. I tried to persuade her to jump in with me, but she was adamantly against it. I only got her in the water once, when I made my son pretend to drown and she dashed into the creek and dragged him back to shore without hesitation. He was not in any danger, and the creek was only 2 feet deep, but she mistook him for someone else and jumped in without hesitation. Yes, they have unquestionable protective instincts and are devoted to you and your family. I’m confident she would have died trying to save us if it had ever come to that. In November 2020, my little girl died of cancer. She remained a protector, however, until the very end. If you’re thinking about adding this dog breed to your family, look no further, in my opinion. This dog breed is everything they claim it to be, and then some.


The Labrabull has definitely inherited qualities from both of their parents that can be seen in the breed today: they are loyal, active and intelligent.

Labrabulls as a Pack Animal

Pitbulls have long been used to keep an eye on young children as “nanny” dogs. Labrabulls keep their caring nature and are in charge of the entire pack. On walks or hikes, Daisy, for example, never lets a member of the pack fall behind. I was hiking with my aunt in Colorado once, and she began to fall behind us due to the elevation gain. Daisy was adamant that we wouldn’t go on without my aunt. Instead, she turned around every few minutes and patiently awaited her.
Daisy does the same thing with hikers she doesn’t know, which is unexpected (and entertaining).

Physical Traits

Pitador, also known as Labrabull, is a Labrador Retriever and American Pit Bull Terrier cross. Pitadors are medium-sized creatures who are energetic and loyal. The characteristics of both of their parents are passed down to the children. Pitadors go by a variety of names, including Lab-Pit, Pit-Lab, Pitador-Retriever, Labrador Pitbull Mix, and Pitbull Labrador Mix. Bulladors and these dogs are frequently misunderstood.

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