Are Labskys Good Guard Dogs?

Labskys as Watch Dogs?

Are Labskys Aggressive?

Overall, neither of the parent breeds are aggressive, so it’s unlikely that your Labsky mix will be so. He will likely be very loyal and somewhat protective, however. Socialization is an important part of raising a well-behaved member of any breed or mix.

Labskys Background

Instead, stick with qualified breeders with a background in the Labsky crossbreed. Reputable breeders will be able to offer you certificates of health proving their puppies have been health screened and cleared of any serious health issues. You might also be able to get a look at the parent dogs for a better idea of what your Husky Lab Mix could grow up to look like.

Family and Bonding

Any dog lover looking for a canine who is energetic, family-friendly, outgoing and intelligent is going to love the Labsky. A cross between the Husky and the Labrador Retriever, the Labsky hybrid brings the best of both worlds to the right family.


Labskys have a friendly personality and are always up for some fun with the family. Loyalty is one of the most notable traits in this hybrid. They stay alert as to who is on the property. Though they don’t bark a lot, they’ll use their voice to let the household know that someone is at the door.

Labsky Nature

Born to work and with a happy-go-lucky nature, the Labsky makes for a highly trainable breed. They are intelligent and take to most new tasks very quickly. At times, their intelligence can be a hindrance, as they may feel the need to test boundaries and attempt to manipulate situations. By maintaining a firm leadership and using consistent training methods, the majority of problems should be avoided.


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Labskys as a Pack Animal

With their working dog heritage, the Labsky can be easy to train, but you’ll have to establish yourself as the alpha of the pack. Consistent training and socialization are also crucial in teaching this dog proper behavior.

Physical Traits

We have a 11 year old labsky, which we got from the SPCA at 8 weeks old. Was told mother was a yellow lab and dad was a fence jumping husky. I have always told people he was a labsky and never knew this was a actual designer breed dog. Lol. He takes after the husky in body type, curly tail and attitude.

Excercising your Labsky

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