Are Portuguese Pointers Good Guard Dogs?

The Portuguese Pointer is a very sociable breed of dog and is especially partial to human company so can suffer from separation anxiety if not accustomed gradually to being left alone for short periods. The breed is not typically a guard dog by nature, but it will use its natural barking ability to warn of danger.

Portuguese Pointers as Watch Dogs?

The Portuguese Pointer makes a very loyal and dedicated pet. So much so that it would not even tolerate any outsider raising voice against its family members and would bark to alert its owner if it finds anything or anyone suspicious around its house. This also makes them an excellent guard dog. However, they are not noisy in general.

Are Portuguese Pointers Aggressive?

This purebred dog is used to working all day, so they won’t be happy without a long daily walk and regular time outside for vigorous activities like fetch. Without at least an hour of exercise each day, your Portuguese Pointer could become mischievous and aggressive out of frustration. The dog park is a great place to go several times a week for socialization, mental engagement, and exercise. Agility is another beneficial activity that the Portuguese Pointer is good at, and that will help keep them satisfied throughout their puppy and adult years.

Portuguese Pointers Background

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Family and Bonding

The Portuguese Pointer temperament is tenacious and determined. He loves his job and doesn’t like to quit.


The Portuguese Pointer is not friendly to other pets normally. They can be introduced to other pets but they need ample time to adapt and socialize when introducing.

Portuguese Pointer Nature

The temperament of the Portuguese Pointer is loyal, affectionate and loving. Due to this nature, they make an excellent family pet. They are very active and dedicated while at work but also love to sit beside its owner relaxing all day.


Originally bred in the Iberian Peninsula, the Portuguese Pointer has a rich history that dates back to the early 12th century. Bred by royals, the Portuguese Pointer was revered by falconers. As the British flocked to the wine region of Portugal, the Portuguese Pointer quickly became a favorite and many were sent back to England. Agile, strong and swift standing at less than two feet, the Portuguese Pointer is classified as a medium sized breed but nevertheless hunts similar to breeds much larger in stature. Loyal, intelligent and devoted the Portuguese Pointer remains a favorite of hunters throughout Europe today. Even though the Portuguese Pointer was prized by royalty, their diet most likely consisted of hunting scraps and whatever table food they could muster from their owners. This diet was woefully inadequate for the Portuguese Pointer suffering from sensitive stomach issues.


Portuguese Pointers as a Pack Animal

If you are looking for a well-rounded, confident working dog to share your life with, the Portuguese Pointer will not disappoint you. These magnificent dogs aren’t nearly as popular as they should be. They are hard-working, loyal, healthy, and energetic dogs that want nothing more than a solid relationship with their pack leader.

Physical Traits

The Portuguese Pointer is a medium-sized dog. Males weigh around 18 to 27 kg and stand about 51 to 60 cm tall. Females can be as heavy as 16 to 25 kg and measure 48 to 56 cm in height.

Excercising your Portuguese Pointer

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