American Rottweiler vs German Rottweiler – Which one to choose?

The Rottweiler is a large and powerful breed of dog that has been bred for centuries for guarding and herding. While the Rottweiler is a single breed, there are two distinct types: the American Rottweiler and the German Rottweiler. While both types are intelligent, loyal, and strong, there are some differences between the two that … Read more

Doberman vs Rottweiler

To a layman, dogs are just dogs and might appear the same, thus, names of breeds and all those peculiarities that distinguish them might be very confounding. On the other hand, to dog lovers, these intricacies are a thing of delight. The Doberman vs Rottweiler makes up a duo of very popular dogs among pet … Read more

German Shepherd vs Rottweiler

What is a German Shepherd? German Shepherds are often used as working dogs because they are courageous, keen, alert, and fearless. Cheerful, obedient, and eager to learn are the characteristics of this young lady. He is calm, self-assured, serious, and intelligent. GSDs are extremely loyal and courageous dogs. When it comes to protecting their human … Read more

Are Rottweilers Hypoallergenic

All dogs should be on a healthy diet that includes healthy carbs, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, and water. Because the Rottweiler in particular can be prone to allergies and digestive issues, a high-quality dog food that is hypoallergenic or limited ingredient might be best. What does Hypoallergenic Mean? Despite their short fur, the Rottweiler … Read more

Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?

The American Kennel Club has rated the Rottweiler as the most confident guard dog. Rottweilers also have a whole other side that they only show to those they truly love! Rottweilers are loving, caring, very smart, and a whole lot of goofiness. Rottweilers as Watch Dogs? The Rottie is powerful, calm, trainable, courageous and devoted … Read more