Are German Shepherds Aggressive?

brown dog lit by sunlight

German Shepherd Dogs are versatile, intelligent and energetic dogs, known for their loyalty. They can learn a variety of orders, which makes them ideal for service, military, and aid work. German Shepherds are affectionate dogs that make excellent companions as well as exercise or exploring partners when they are not at work. German Shepherds are … Read more

German Shepherd vs Rottweiler

What is a German Shepherd? German Shepherds are often used as working dogs because they are courageous, keen, alert, and fearless. Cheerful, obedient, and eager to learn are the characteristics of this young lady. He is calm, self-assured, serious, and intelligent. GSDs are extremely loyal and courageous dogs. When it comes to protecting their human … Read more

Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd

The Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd could easily be mistaken at first glance. They both share a long lupine face, along with tan and black markings. However, the German Shepherd can be distinguished from the Belgian Malinois by a slightly longer, bristly coat and the trademark black saddle on their back. The Belgian Malinois has … Read more