Are Shiranians Hypoallergenic

Is the Shiranian a hypoallergenic breed? What does Hypoallergenic Mean? Do Shiranians shed? Shiranians have a wide variety of color variations, including black, brown, orange, and gold. The Shiarnian’s coat will need more maintenance than most of the other Shih Tzu mixes, which means that daily brushing and frequent baths are necessary. They do shed … Read more

Are Shiranians Good Guard Dogs?

Safeguards aside, it’s important to exercise your Shiranian every single day. These dogs tend to be be a little fussy and hyper-sensitive, and if bored or restless they’ll become disobedient, hyperactive, and even fussier than they already are. Consistent Shiranian exercise is great for both the dog’s and your own peace of mind. Shiranians as … Read more