Are Australian Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

The Australian Retriever is friendly with both children and animals, because it was raised alongside them. As well as strangers, they feel comfortable. However, they will bark and defend their family and property from any unwanted elements. Though their instinct to herd may decrease as they get older, this does not affect their natural hunting instinct.

Australian Retrievers as Watch Dogs?

A combination of an Australian Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. Shepherding and guarding purposes are best suited for the Australian Retriever.

Are Australian Retrievers Aggressive?

The Australian Retriever is a good fit for families but tends to be boisterous and excitable. The children’s exuberance can put them at risk, as they could easily knock the children over. They’re very loyal and protective, almost to the point of being obsessive. For short periods, it’s fine for them to be left alone. However, if left alone for long periods, their urge to guard their owners causes problems.

Australian Retrievers Background

Australian Retrievers have multicolored eyes and a merle coat, which causes their price to be higher than if they had brown eyes and a non-merle coat. Additionally, it is important to have a background check done on the breeder, and visit them in person. There is a good chance that when you go to a puppy mill, the parents will be hidden from you. You receive valuable information about the parents and health history of the pup if you select a responsible breeder.


All the best characteristics from both of these parent breeds are included in the Australian Retriever, resulting in a loving, friendly, and intelligent pet that’s great for a family pet or a working dog. They are lively and spirited, and you will find yourself drawn to them.


This is a mixed-breed dog; an Australian Shepherd-Golden Retriever cross is the father. Respectful, intelligent, and friendly, these pups got some of the best qualities passed down to them.

Australian Retrievers as a Pack Animal

Even after adoption, crate training, housebreaking, obedience training, and agility classes should all be started soon. While the Australian Retrievers are large sized, it is absolutely necessary to have a strong-willed master who is able to handle them, as these canines must know who their “pack leader” is. These Australian Retriever dogs need to be given less instruction before they are able to respond to simple instructions. However, be cordial and courteous when dealing with them. This type of training is always effective. You will be surprised to see how your dog grows up to be an object of envy to other dog owners.

Physical Traits

The Australian Retriever is a large breed of dog. Size standards may vary depending on the mix of dogs in the breed.

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