Are Australian Retrievers Hypoallergenic

Despite both breeds originating more than 150 years ago, the Australian Retriever itself originated about 10 years ago. Australian retrievers are a designer dog, meaning that this dog is the product of crossing two different purebred creatures, the goal of which was to reverse some of the most common health problems or even create smaller, … Read more

Are Australian Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

Australian Retrievers are good with pets, especially with those they have been brought up with. They are also comfortable with strangers, though, but wouldn’t hesitate to bark and guard their property and family if they come across anything fishy or suspicious. However, their natural herding instinct might fade away with age. Australian Retrievers as Watch … Read more

Are Australian Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

The Australian Retriever is friendly with both children and animals, because it was raised alongside them. As well as strangers, they feel comfortable. However, they will bark and defend their family and property from any unwanted elements. Though their instinct to herd may decrease as they get older, this does not affect their natural hunting … Read more

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