Are Scottish Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

The guarded nature of the Scottish terrier makes it an excellent watchdog, but it also means you’ll have to socialize your dog. Scotties aren’t particularly large or dangerous to other dogs, but when they want to be, a poorly socialized Scottie can be a rather loud alarmist. Scottish Terriers as Watch Dogs? For this breed, … Read more

Are Tibetan Spaniels Good Guard Dogs?

This gentle four-legged alarm dog, once used by monks as monastery guards, is becoming increasingly popular as a pet dog around the world. In some dog sports, Tibetan Spaniels are highly prized. Tibetan Spaniels as Watch Dogs? Tibetan spaniels get along well with children of a certain age. The breed is devoted to his family … Read more

Are German Shepherd Pit Bulls Good Guard Dogs?

I am a firm believer in the owner’s shaping of the dog. The German shepherd Pit Bull mix can make wonderful family dogs if properly trained and socialized. Because a Pit Bull mixed dog has Pit Bull genes, the majority of people will assume it is aggressive. I’ve always had Pit Bulls and have never … Read more

Are German Shorthaired Pointers Good Guard Dogs?

Although the German Shorthaired Pointer isn’t the best guard dog, their loyalty and warmth more than make up for it. German Shorthaired Pointers as Watch Dogs? This handsome hunter’s popularity stems from its versatility, strength, and enthusiasm in the field and beyond. They are a versatile gun dog capable of trailing, pointing, retrieving, and hunting … Read more

Are Poodles Good Guard Dogs?

Checking Poodles are known for being intelligent, energetic, and sociable dogs. They call for both physical and mental effort. A typical Poodle should be reserved and aloof when meeting new people at first, but after a while, the dog should gradually reveal a warm and personable demeanor once the dog realizes the new person is … Read more

Are Australian Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

The Australian Retriever is friendly with both children and animals, because it was raised alongside them. As well as strangers, they feel comfortable. However, they will bark and defend their family and property from any unwanted elements. Though their instinct to herd may decrease as they get older, this does not affect their natural hunting … Read more

Are Bloodhounds Good Guard Dogs?

No, Bloodhounds are not Good Guard Dogs. While some Bloodhounds will alert visitors to their presence by barking, others are unalerted, and so are not considered to be watch dogs. Not naturally territorial or protective, and being undeterred by threats, they aren’t great guard dogs either. Bloodhounds as Watch Dogs? When it comes to sniffing … Read more

Are Afghan Hounds Good Guard Dogs?

Yes, Afghan Hounds are good Guard Dogs. Their temperaments make them attentive and cautious, leery of new acquaintances, and steadfastly loyal to their masters. It appears that the females take on a more protective role than the males. Huge size and an extremely loud bark is enough to deter burglars. Afghan Hounds as Watch Dogs? … Read more

Are Irish Setters Good Guard Dogs?

Because these dogs are naturally sweet and welcoming, their owners should not expect them to effectively guard their home or property. Are Irish Setters Good Guard Dogs? No! Irish Setters are not good guard dogs, because they lack the necessary aggression and protective instincts to make a good guard dog. In spite of the fact … Read more